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Review by Gary Hill

There is a good reason the songs on this disc feel very much in line with old-school metal. These are modern versions of Tank songs from the 80s. The production and sonic values are more up-to-date, but you can really hear the old-school NWOBHM sound on these things. There are also a couple special guests in the form of Sodom's Tom Angelripper and Cradle of Filth's Dani Filth. All in all, this is a solid metal album that never really lets up, but also never really feels redundant or tired.

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Track by Track Review
Walking Barefoot Over Glass
They waste no time as a killer guitar riff leads out of the gate here. The cut gets a very minor parental advisory. This thing is screaming hot. The guitar solo is absolutely on fire.
Power of the Hunter Feat. Feat. Tom Angelripper
This is meaner and rawer. It's another screamer. The intensity is through the roof. The guitar solo is particularly meaty, too.
Just Like Something from Hell
Keyboards bring this into being. Symphonic strings and chorale vocals bring this into epic metal territory. After this extended introduction, though, the cut shifts to pure fierce metal from there. It reminds me just a bit of Manowar in some ways. It's driving and mean. The guitar solo on this seems to lean a bit more toward the technical end of the spectrum.
He Fell in Love with a (Stormtrooper)
I like the gang-vocal chorus on this tune. The number has a bit of a raunch and roll edge to it. This is rather catchy, but also very metal. In fact, it even leans toward punk rock in some ways.
This Means War
The guitar riffing driving this is particularly powerful. This is a fierce and furious stomper that's one of the highlights here. There are hints of Iron Maiden built into this in some ways.
Shellshock Feat. Dani Filth
This is a mean and screaming metal number. The guitar soloing is a particularly cool. There is definitely a punk edge to this fiery stomper.
A killer riff opens this thing. This is a bit more of a mainstream metal number. It's solid, but not a standout.
Honour and Blood
The fast paced riffing driving this thing really elevates it. The cut is a screamer that's among the best of the set. For some reason I'm reminded of Danzig just a bit here, but this is far more incendiary than that implies.
Blood, Guts and Beer
Not a big change, this is another powerhouse metal stomper. It's mean, but has a rather catchy chorus.
Echoes of a Distant Battle
This one has some killer riffs and a real soaring, anthemic quality. It's fierce and infectious.
The War Drags Ever on
Weird effects bring this in, feeling like the soundtrack to some strange creepy movie. Guitar screams in to bring the metal. This is another stomper and another that stands as one of the highlights here.
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