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Progressive Rock DVD/Video Reviews


Artifact DVD

Review by Gary Hill

These guys have really come from nowhere and managed to impress. They’ve just released one album so far, and I was blown away by that disc. Now comes this DVD with the same effect. These guys are a modern progressive rock band with a lot of leanings into the classic era of prog. If I had to nail them down in one quick description, I’d probably say “Yes meets It Bites.” But that’s only so accurate. I would highly recommend this DVD, though. The video and audio quality are both quite good and the performance is amazing. Now, there are a couple downsides here. First, while I say that the audio is quite good, it seems to be mixed a little on the quiet side and sometimes the vocals seem to get lost in the mix. Still, that’s just minor. The other thing Id like to point out is also minor. There is a camera pointed directly at the keyboards – shooting straight down. While that’s kind of an interesting angle the first couple times, it gets overused and frankly seems a little cheesy and jarring. Again, though, that’s just a minor complaint. This concert is good enough to make that unimportant. I love the cover of Yes’ “Siberian Khatru.” Of course, I’m a Yes fanatic and that’s my second favorite Yes song (behind “South Side of the Sky”). These guys do a great version. Oh, and they get bonus points when the keyboardist wears a yellow cape for part of it. The one thing I’d say, though, is their cover of the song goes against my general cover philosophy. I always say unless you are a tribute band, you should make enough changes to a cover to turn it into your own song. These guys play this one incredibly faithfully. Again, that’s a minor complaint and one of personal taste really. If you haven’t heard these guys, pick this up right away. It’s a great introduction. If you have heard them, you probably have this or are planning to get it. This is really a band to watch. Expect great things from them.

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