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Progressive Rock DVD/Video Reviews

The Residents

God In 3 Persons Live (Blu-Ray)

Review by Gary Hill

I have to admit that I'm a big fan of The Residents. That said, I don't think I ever fully understand what they are doing. There is generally some grand scheme at play, but it goes over my head most of the time. The thing is, I enjoy the way they create a form of pure art that is also rock music and much more. I like the surprising angles of it.

I have never seen them live, and I doubt I ever will. So, that was one of the allures of this new Blu-Ray for me. After experiencing some of what a Residents live show must be like (more on the "some of" part later), I have to say that I have an even deeper admiration for them. Somehow seeing it all on a live stage makes it more real. As absurd as their art is, it almost feels more natural in that format.

So, I said that this video is like seeing them live. Well, that's not exactly true. While the bulk of this is the live performance, it's obvious that they have added other graphics and things to it. Of course, any concert video is an approximation because you have varying camera angles and approaches. Since this is The Residents, they take that a step further and use it as another excuse to intensify the art side of the equation. Really, would you expect anything less?

This video is much like The Residents themselves, but perhaps taken to a more advanced level. I don't quite understand it all, but I find myself captivated and deeply in awe of the spectacle and artistry of it. The best art challenges us, and that makes the Residents particularly effective artists.

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