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Dirty Rig

Rock Did It

Review by Greg Olma

Most people will probably know about this release because of Kory Clarke, the lead singer for the now defunct Warrior Soul. This is Dirty Rig's second release and their first with Clarke. It is easy to see who their influences are. If you started with a base of AC/DC, threw in some Kiss guitar work, and added a dash of Motorhead, you would have Dirty Rig. These guys play dirty, sweaty, rock 'n' roll. Not only do you get a great collection of tunes, you also get a bonus DVD with live videos. The DVD shows that these guys belong on a stage because their music is best suited for playing in front of a crowd. I highly recommend this disk (and DVD) for anyone who is likes their metal a bit more rock 'n' roll.

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Track by Track Review
Suck It
This track starts off in a Motorhead style but quickly turns into an AC/DC rocker. The lyrics are pure rock 'n' roll. The guitar solo is very AC/DC sounding also.
Drunk Again
Good ol' sweaty rock 'n' roll is the best way to describe "Drunk Again". It's a faced paced rocker that brings the fun lyrics back to rock. There are no social statements on this tune.
Just A Star
A bit of a glam feel is added to this cut for great effect. After two rockers, this track's cool groove is nice little diversion.
A catchy chorus is what really lifts this mid paced rocker. The "whoa-ho"s in the chorus also give it a '70's rock feel as does the Ace Frehley sounding guitar solo.
Rock Did It
This cut is just pure rock 'n' roll. Kory Clarke digs deep into his past style of writing lyrics with a political slant. There is a really cool part stuck in the middle that is a dead ringer for the beginning of Black Sabbath's "In For the Kill." This is one of the best songs on the disc.
Hot Porno Star
A marriage of '70's AC/DC and Kiss makes up this tune. The riff reminds me of "War Machine" by Kiss. The chorus is also extremely catchy. This is the kind of track that is probably great live.
Throw Down
This is a good rocker but it is also the weakest number on this disc. That's not to say it's bad, it just speaks to the quality of the other cuts on offer.
Cities, Scenes & Thieves
I swear that this could have come out on some '70's rock record. It has a really cool retro feel and is easily one of the best tunes on the album.
If You See Kaye
Like the previous cut, this one has a retro '70's sounding chorus. The rest of the track has some heavy guitar riffing that also brings to mind Kiss.
Clarke lets rip again with some social/political lyrics. The music has some heavy Pantera-ish elements. Along with the heaviness of the first song, this tune bookends the rest of the disc nicely.
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