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Jethro Tull

J-Tull Dot Com

Review by Gary Hill

Arguably Jethro Tull's strongest album in quite some time, this one really captures the Tull sounds from every era and combines them into a smorgasbord of potent music. The band seems to add new elements to the mix and come out with an album that is certainly not tied to the sound of one period of the band, or one style of music. This is a very strong disc. The musicians on the album are Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Andrew Giddings, Doane Perry and Jonathan Noyce. Najima Akhtar joins them on one cut.

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Track by Track Review
A classic Tull flute trill starts this one, which becomes a solid rocking number in strong Jethro Tull tradition It features a nice progish break.
Dot Com
Coming out of a strong prog intro, this is balladic, but very progressive in a mellow sort of approach. It feels almost like adult contemporary at times, but adult contemporary done with a definite class. This features some interesting female vocals and a potent flute solo. It becomes very progish at times for brief segments.
A classic Tull sounding intro leads into a strong cut that combines a tried and true Jethro Tull sound with newer elements. It features a very potent and classic sounding instrumental break. This cut is quite strong and quirky and includes a considerably progish drop off and rebuilding process in its instrumental outro.
Nothing @ All
A very mellow and brief piano based instrumental, this one is quite intricate at times. It seems to lead directly into Wicked Windows.
Wicked Windows
Beginning in a very powerful prog rock ballad approach, this one quickly transforms into a more straight-ahead rock mode. It features some very progish segments as it weaves between the more laid back and stronger rocking segments. This one also features some quite medieval sounding moments.
Hunt By Numbers
A considerably crunchy metallic number, this one is ripe with classic Tullisms and prog elements. Among those prog leanings is some wonderful flute work and keyboard tones.
Hot Mango Flush
Starting in an acoustic guitar driven prog mode, this one turns into a quirky, bouncy rock cut that features some wonderful guitar work. It is an unusual but very intriguing cut.
El NiƱo
Starting with flute, this one has a very dramatic texture. It is a bit Spanish at times, in keeping with its title. This has some nice prog twists and turns. It also includes some crunchy moments among it many diverse styles.
Black Mamba
A progish instrumental intro leads to rocky sort of cut with prog elements.
Mango Surprise
Essentially a reprise of "Hot Mango Flush", this is a brief Latin based cut with a nice flute solo.
Bends Like A Willow
This progish rock cut is trademark Tull. It has some nice progish interplay, but is essentially just a strong rocker.
Far Alaska
Beginning with a nicely prog intro in a strong Tull tradition, this cut is a quirky one with a considerably entertaining arrangement. The prog based instrumental break includes some crunchy guitar work.
The Dog-Ear Years
Another quirky one, this one is definitely progish and quite entertaining.
A Gift of Roses
Based on more classic Tull tones, this one even includes the phrase "passion play". It feels a bit like the earlier Jethro Tull song "Heavy Horses" at times. The number features some definite Celtic tones in places and a strong prog instrumental break.
Hidden Track
Introduced by Ian Anderson, this composition is the title track from his forthcoming solo album. Starting with birds chirping, then flute; this is an acoustically driven cut. The only complaint about this one is that for a solo tune, it sounds a bit much like a Jethro Tull piece. Still it is a very solid number, and bears good signs for a strong solo release from Mr. Anderson.
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