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Review by Gary Hill

Seeming to maintain some of the style of Radiation, this album also hearkens back to an older Marillion era while still reaching into the future. It is a very entertaining album that really grows on the listener. The musicians on the album are Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Trewavas and Ian Mosley.

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Track by Track Review
A Legacy
Starting in moody vocal/keyboard tones, the song suddenly shifts gear, becoming bouncy and more pop rock oriented. It is essentially a good solid rock and roll number with prog leanings. It drops down into a Jellyfish oriented segment, then begins to build on that mode before jumping back into the more rock oriented stuff. This features a moody based acoustic guitar and vocals outro.
Jazzy and upbeat, this one really jumps forth from the previous cut. It features a nice rhythm section and strong hook. Also included are a very cool guitar break and strong vocal presence. The outro to this one is much like the horn laden "Almost Like Love" from Yes' Big Generator album.
Beginning a bit Floydish, this is a moody sort of cut. It builds slowly in atmospheric directions. It continues to progress gradually, but does cover a lot of pleasant musical territory. It proclaims to be "Wide awake on the edge of the world".
A poppy song with a catchy vocal line, this one rocks out quite well in the intro. It then drops to a more laid back, almost reggaeish verse. "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". The number really starts rocking quite a bit and is a very strong composition. "Failure isn't about falling down, Failure is staying down".
Built-in Bastard Radar
Textural keys start this number, which eventually changes gear into a fairly straightforward and metallic rocker. It features a more sedate and slow chorus that is a bit White Witchish at times. "Every girl on Earth got built-in bastard radar". It features a nice '70's oriented rock break.
Tumble Down the Years
Starting a bit like the Beatles' "Here Comes The Sun", this is a straightforward pop/rock number.
Interior Lulu
A bit alternative styled, this one starts in a slow rock mode. It builds slowly and gradually, then suddenly jumps into an instrumental break that really calls to mind ELP's classic era. It switches to other prog modes going a bit in the style of rather dark older Genesis material. This is a very strong progressive rock number that keeps reinventing itself. It is the strongest composition on this album.
House is a dramatically paced prog ballad. "God if you hear me, Throw me a line, Or strike me down" This one features a nice saxophone solo and is rather jazzy at times.
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