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Vapor Transmission

Review by Brian Angotti

Just when you thought Orgy was going to be one hit wonders, the band drops a killer album. Vapor Transmission is the second effort from the gender-bending band Orgy. With today's music all becoming fused together, Orgy is a breath of fresh air. This disc is putting new life into a boring music scene. Every track is filled with awesome lyrics and music that isn't rap flavored.

Orgy is sure to be huge and Vapor Transmission proves this band can do more than just make "Blue Monday" a hit song. With a tours beginning in November and radio promotion the band is sure to take off. Fans of the first album will definitely be pleased and Orgy, is sure to bring new fans into the fold as well.

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Track by Track Review
Vapor Transmission
An intro with a space age feel, this one leads into "Suckerface".
The guitar riff in the beginning of this track just kicks ands sets the pace for the rest of the album. Jay Gordon's signature vocals grace this track making it one of the strongest on the CD.
The Odyssey
The music here has a Manson feel to it. It is heavy and groove oriented with some killer lyrics.
Beginning with an eighties feel, the drumbeat is flavored with today's programming.
Fiction (Dreams In Digital)
This is the first single and rightfully so. It starts off slow and trippy and, when the chorus comes, knocks you into high gear.
Reminiscent of something from Orgy's debut album, this slow, yet rocking track deals with death and losing someone.
This song has a few good moments, but otherwise is a fairly boring piece mixed in with the rest of these awesome tracks.
This is another mellow track that has a kind of trippy feel to it.
A very well written song all around, the lyrics and music fit together very well. This song will be sure to do well on radio and with the fans.
Saving Faces
With great lyrics, this track is one of the easier songs to sing along with. Again, more of a slow beginning leads into a heavier chorus.
Jay and company have sure grown into full-blown musicians and this track is evidence of that.
Chasing Sirens
The best programming was saved for this song. This is one of heavier compositions on the album. There is not too much to say, except that this cut just plain ROCKS! 
Where's Gerrold
The album closer proves that Orgy plans to go out with a bang. This whole album rocks. If you like the first song you are sure to love this one.
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