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Carved In Stone

Review by Greg Olma

Rage have been around since the mid-80's and this CD is a clear indication as to why.  The guys have always been producing quality music and although they have on occasion experimented, they have always delivered the goods. What you get here is a collection of hard hitting rockers that stay on course.  Like AC/DC and Motorhead, you know what you're getting before you put the disc in your player.  And like those 2 bands, what you get is good, solid musicainship and song writing.  If you are unfamiliar with Rage, this is most certainly a great place to start.

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Track by Track Review
Carved In Stone
The CD opens up in a rather slow fashion but it builds nicely when it finally hits the main part of the song.  For the most part, this is a mid-paced rocker that has a great catchy chorus.
Drop Dead!
This tune reminds me a little of early Megadeth and I mean that in the best possible way.  It has a bit of a thrash feel and it has that Mustaine-ness about the lyrics.
Gentle Murders
The guys just don't let up with this half power metal, half traditional metal cut.  It is a solid tune that has a little bit of newer metal thrown into the mix.
Open My Grave
Middle eastern guitar starts this cut but it quickly goes into metal mode.  The chorus is a bit strange in that the title is morbid but the singing and music is too mellow.  The lyrics and music are in contrast to each other.  It all sounds great but I guess it is just an observation.
Without You
This track starts off as kind of a ballad but fear not, it is a solid rocker at its core.  It may start and end on a softer note but it rocks quite a bit in the middle.
Long Hard Road
I really like the guitar work on this song.  It reminds me of some of the early Ratt stuff.  I don't know why but it does.  This is the sixth song so far and there isn't a dud in sight.
One Step Ahead
For a moment I was afraid that the down-tuned guitars at the beginning were going to continue throughout the track but luckily the guys go back to what they do best - and that is more traditional metal. 
Lost In The Void
All of the tunes here have a catchy chorus and this one is no different.  I think that is what makes their music so good.  They are able to write great riffs but most of all they can write lyrics that stick with you.
Mouth Of Greed
This is the last cut before things get a bit different.  There is not much different here compared to the rest of the disc.  It is a great straight ahead traditional rocker.
Lord Of The Flies
Here is where things get a bit experimental.  Keyboards figure heavily in this power metal cut, and although it doesn't fit with the rest of the music on Carved In Stone, it is still a quality song.
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