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The Fabulous Life Of... EP

Review by Gary Hill

I was going to review this CD a while ago and had it in the progressive rock section. After a more thoroughly listening I decided that it didn’t fit and I didn’t get a chance to review it that issue. Since then it keeps getting overlooked. Well, the thing is, the more I listen to it, the more I am convinced it does fit under prog rock. Half of the CD is firmly within a modern interpretation of that genre and the opening track doesn’t miss by much. That just leaves one song – and OK, it’s definitely not prog, but I’ll over look that one. This EP is a cool one that should please fans of moodier progressive rock, but it’s also got a great alternative pop vibe to it. Whatever you call it, check this one out. It’s very strong.

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Track by Track Review
The Floater
A brighter Mazzy Star (mellow ballad like) texture leads this off. As it carries on it’s turned a bit heavier with some cool fuzz guitar. Overall, this is a poppy light-hearted piece that’s just plain fun. It gets pretty intense before it closes out.
The Swim
This is a gentle ballad that’s quite proggy with its keyboard textures. I like this one a lot. It’s a beautiful piece of music. This is turned into a powerhouse arrangement through the addition of lots of layers of vocals and other sounds.
Heavy Hand
Here we get a punky alternative rocker. This is cool and a nice twist. It’s a fun one.
She saved the mellowest cut for last. This is a pretty balladlike piece. It’s also the most proggy track on show here. There are definitely Pink Floyd type elements here.
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