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A Beautiful Place to Get Lost

Review by Gary Hill

 This album from Honeygene isn’t precisely progressive rock, but there are enough proggy tendrils here to get it included in that section of Music Street Journal. This is intriguing music that encompasses pop rock, folk, jazz and progressive rock. It’s enchanting and most of it is quite pretty. I like it a lot.

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Track by Track Review
Perfect Harmony
They open it up with a pretty guitar based ballad. This reminds me quite a bit of Renaissance.

City Lights
With a bit more energy this doesn’t vary a lot in terms of the general musical motif from the previous number. They do power this one up a bit more.

Purple Paradise
Piano starts us off here and the vocals build over the top of this. This gets quite powerful and some intricate instrumental work in the midst of the mix is the only real progressive rock leaning here.

This is a lot more energized. It’s got a hard edge to it and some serious Steve Howe-like guitar work. I like this one a lot. It’s got some intriguing varying sections.

Red Roses
They give us a pretty and intricate piece of music here. Multiple layers of vocals are the most prominent feature on this track.

Blue Heaven
Dramatic and powerful, multiple layers of sound create some seriously cool moods and sounds here. Some parts of this seriously remind me of Procol Harum. This is definitely one of the most purely progressive rock pieces on show here.

Shells My Love
This is another standout piece. It’s balladic and powerful and again one of the more progressive rock oriented compositions here.

Truckin Love -
They turn it more towards rock and roll here and this doesn’t do a lot for me.

Only 17
Here is another straight ahead rocker, but this one works better in my book.

King of Calamity
In some ways this is the same kind of rocker as the last couple pieces. On the other hand, this has some of those Renaissance type stylings and is one I’d call prog rock.

Ruby True
This is not one of my favorites, but it has its charms. A lot of this cut is quite country in texture. The soaring vocal arrangement we get in places save this one from a life of mediocrity.

In some ways this is similar to the more rock and roll music here. Yet, it’s also got a good helping of that Renaissance sort of sound to it.

Hot Lover
Parts of this are pure rock and roll while other parts have a bit of a prog rock texture to them.
Folky and quirky, this reminds me a lot of Renaissance. A weird climbing section later in the track is seriously proggy, if not in keeping with Annie Haslam’s old band.
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