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Latent Anxiety


Review by Gary Hill

This might not be the most obvious choice for prog rock, but personally I think these guys fit. Sure, a lot of their music is techno, but there’s a lot of moody prog like Porcupine Tree in the mix, too. I’ve already reviewed their latest disc, so it seemed like a great time to look back a bit deeper into the catalog. I’d say that this CD is better the further you get into it and the closer is understated, but possibly the best track on the disc. Whatever you classify this as, though, it’s great music.

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Track by Track Review
Psycho Disgrace
This is a hard-edged jam that’s really almost like a techno version of Judas Priest. I hear Kosmic Horror in this, too. It’s a cool track, but certainly one that will have prog purists scratching their heads.
Fight Hard
We get another track that’s quite techno in nature, but this is less metallic by a long shot.
In Chains
“In Chains” falls somewhere in between the two previous tracks.
Mission Complete
There is more prog in this mix. Mind you it’s still surrounded by a lot of techno music, but I could see this one fitting into that category. I like this a lot. It’s crunchy, but yet catchy, too. The cool jam later with layers of vocals over the top is especially effective. 
This is definitely more prog rock than anything to this point. I love the counter-point vocals and cool keyboard elements. This is another highlight of the disc. It’s got a love lost lyrical structure and feels quite emotional despite the rather cold and detached vocal delivery that pervades the album.
Take house/trance music and mix it with Kraftwerk and a fairly proggy vocal line. You’ve got this cool number. It’s another standout track and I particularly like the multiple layers of vocals. The ending is very much like Hawkwind. 
Take Me Higher
Here’s a hard-edged killer grind. It’s not very prog, falling in on the techno side instead. It’s a good tune, but not a standout. 
Come On You Know
This one’s much more melodic and nearly purely prog. Albeit that’s neo-prog, It’s a great song and different from the rest of the disc. 
Red Death
Here’s a more hard-edged techno jam. This is good, but not all that special.
Another that’s melodic and more purely prog like there’s still some definite house music elements to this.
My Friend
Much more keyboard oriented and much more prog, this is moody and very cool.
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