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Review by Greg Olma

This is the first Ratt album in ten years and it is a barn burner for sure.  It’s like they stopped time and created a record that would have fit comfortably in 1985.  Ratt has done exactly what Kiss did with Sonic Boom.  Infestation is their best record since Invasion Of Your Privacy.  Not only are all the tracks solid Ratt ‘n Roll tunes, but they seem to capture the fun of their earlier releases.  It is a party CD and it is out just in time to be cranking out of the speakers at all the backyard barbeques this summer.  If you like early Ratt, then this is a release you can’t miss.

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Track by Track Review
Eat Me Up Alive

This track starts up where Invasion Of Your Privacy left off.  The riff is classic Ratt but it is on the heavier side of their sound.  Stephen Pearcy has lost none of that early swagger and the chorus is catchy as hell.  It’s like the last 25 years never happened.

Best Of Me

Things get a little more melodic on this one.  It is more of a “hit single” Ratt sound.  If you are a fan of “Round And Round” or “Lay It Down”, then you will be digging this track all day long.  The guitars compliments of Warren DeMartini and Carlos Cavazo prove that all the good catchy riffs have not been used.

A Little Too Much

Again the guys don’t let up and continue the pace with this straight ahead rocker.  As with the other tunes, this one has another catchy chorus.  Three songs in and there is not a bum note in sight.

Look Out Below

Pearcy’s voice sounds a little weird singing the verses but goes back to that sound we love for the choruses.  Early on, I could tell that Ratt were influenced by Aerosmith and they still show that influence on “Look Out Below”.  This tune has that same swagger that Aerosmith infused in their songs.

Last Call

Things get a little faster on this one.  Although it’s a good tune, it’s one of the more pedestrian numbers on this disc.  It is a good track but the previous four songs are much better.

Lost Weekend
If you are looking for that “fun” Ratt sound and lyrics, then look no further.  This captures that time so well and it has that classic Ratt sound.  It would have fit nicely on Out Of The Cellar or Invasion Of Your Privacy.
As Good As it Gets

That Aerosmith influence pops up here again.  This cut is pure rock ‘n roll or should I say, Ratt ‘n roll.  Ratt walks that line between metal and rock with some tracks falling more on the metal side and some on the rock.  This one is definitely more rock.

Garden Of Eden

The guitar sound does not feel like the typical Ratt tune.  Overall, this doesn’t sound like Ratt other than the vocals but it’s a cool departure.  It’s a heavier rocker that still has a great catchy chorus.

Take A Big Bite

Clocking in at under three minutes does not make this a throw-away.  It is a catchy and quick rocker.  It’s the type of tune that would be great to close a show.

Take Me Home

Ratt give us a ballad-y tune that I feel would have been better if it had been more in the middle of the record.  There is some great guitar work that reminds me of a more current sound.  It’s not your typical Ratt tune and yet it still could not be anyone else.




Don’t Let Go
 This cut is similar to “Take A Big Bite” I that it is a frantic rocker that is the perfect way to end this solid album.  It is a fast tune that has all the classic elements of Ratt and it really makes you want to hit the “repeat” button on your CD player and hear the whole record all over again.
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