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Symptoms of Sin

Review by Gary Hill

This band has produced a solid disc here full of good tunes. The disc seems to suffer from multiple personality disorder, though. I mean, at times they try too hard to be accessible and “pop.” That leads to an album where people who like one part might not like another section. For those of us who like our music well outside the box, it’s OK, but a lot of people aren’t like that. Now, all that said, it’s not these guys are extremely original. They aren’t. But, while most of the music they do is somewhat derivative, they do it extremely well. That makes it stand up nicely.

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Track by Track Review
The Victim

This is basically a smart and refined cut that combines alternative rock and nu-metal in a good way. It’s nothing especially unique or original, but it’s very potent.

Light Divided

There are no huge changes here, but this is a bit heavier. It’s still a strong, albeit rather generic, modern hard rock meets metal track. It’s very well done, though.

You're My Punishment
Now, this is better. It’s got a real moody, progressive metal texture to it. There are still elements of that modern alternative hard rock meets nu-metal sound, but this is definitely meatier than the two tracks that opened the disc.
Never Died Before

Another that’s a step in the right direction, this one is pretty heavy and basically more metallic. It’s still got that nu-metal meets alternative rock vibe, but it’s definitely got more pure metal in the mix. There are a couple intriguing changes during the course of the cut.

Wake of the White Devil

Here we get a really heavy track. It feels a little evil and there are some cool, off-kilter guitar solos. It’s got an extreme metal vibe, but it’s cool.

Looking For Serenity

We are taken even further into the extreme metal. This brings some variety to the festivities, but it might send people who liked the first couple tracks running for shelter. I’d say this is one of the most interesting tracks on show, though.

Deleted Scenes

This is another of the highlights. It starts off fairly extreme, but not as far into that zone as the previous piece. They give us a cool, balladic prog metal segment mid-track that’s one of the most interesting segments of the disc. There’s a smoking hot guitar solo later in the piece.

World of Lies (Live)

Here we get a live song from the band (bet the title gave that away, huh?). This is far heavier than most of the material on the album proper and quite cool.

Wake of the White Devil (Radio Edit)

As the title suggests, this is a radio edit of the earlier number. Somehow, in this format, it reminds me a lot of Rob Zombie, which it didn’t in the other version. Yet, it’s still basically the same song.

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