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No Regrets

Review by Kat and Mike Heitzman

This CD came out back in 2009, but it is good enough to review over two years later. Dope are about to come out with a new one, so this will serve as a baseline for the opinions of this new lineup. This was a “must have” after seeing them play some of these tunes live this summer.

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Track by Track Review
6-6- Sick

As the title states, this has a very sick sound, and is truly old school Dope sounding. This title is a clever play on the usual 666 titled metal songs. This will bring you back to the Felons and Revolutionaries days.

Addiction (featuring Zakk Wylde)

“Like Cocaine, Heroin, Alcohol, and Vicoden,” is what you will hear shouted out by everyone at any modern day Dope show, as they always play this one live now. You’ve probably heard this one on your local radio (much to some amazement for some). This song has merit, as Wylde’s groovy-trademark riffs make this a classic.

Flat Line

This is basically a 30-second intro to the next  song, but it really doesn’t seem necessary.

No Regrets

This is the title track and is a favorite. It not only has anthem style lyrics, it also includes awesome cascading style guitar solos that really showcase the group’s talent.

My Funeral

Listening to this song calls to mind a person who requests in a will that a certain song be played at the funeral. Is this what Edsel Dope(lead singer) wants played at his funeral?  In this number, he thanks everyone for coming.

We Are

This far passes up the title track, as it contains the most smoking fast guitar solo on this release.

Dirty World

This cut talks about Hollywood’s beauty queens and their perpetual demise from chasing stardom and fame. This song also repeatedly mentions the two words, “no regrets.” This is a simple, Motley Crue like, grunge tune.


This is about one second long and silent. Wow, is someone sarcastic?


This song is pretty hardcore and the name describes it perfectly. It also has some cool sound bites thrown in. This, too, will take you back to their freshman release, Felons and Revolutionaries.

Best For Me

This cut is about being independent, making no compromises, and doing what is “best for me.” This one does have limited lyrics and repeats the chorus over and over.


A short mumble, one has to wonder why it was included.


With catchy riffs, this is typical Dope.

Rebel Yell
A cover of the classic Billy Idol song, this is the first bonus track. It’s also our favorite version of the song now…especially after hearing it live at both of the Dope shows we attended this summer. This sounded great when played live and loud.
I don’t give a _____ about you

Another bonus track, this is definitely one of those songs you either love or hate. Most people can probably relate to this song, one way or the other.

Die, Boom, Bang, Burn, F**k!

With lyrics like, “Die Motherf***er Die, Die Motherf***er Die!”, you can’t miss the point of this song. This is also a classic Dope number…very chantable…and also great during a live show. That's impressive for a bonus track. 

Nothing For Me Here
This final bonus cut definitely sounds like it was produced for radio air-play, and it was also on “Guitar Hero 3.”
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