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Satisfaction is the Death of Desire

Review by Mike Heitzman

This was Hatebreed's first full length studio album. They really propelled the hardcore metal industry in to a huge business after releasing this. New hardcore bands popped up like mad after Hatebreed helped bring popularity back to this genre. Many bands try to sound like this, but none have come close in my opinion. I will assure you, there is no need to use the fast forward button when listening to this disc. Just put it in and let it rip your speakers apart.

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Track by Track Review
Empty Promises

For a song that is only slightly over one minute long, it is full of different riffs and really grabs your attention for the ride ahead.

Burn the Lies
This lays out their hate for ignorance and dishonesty. They are truly “filled with hate.” Again, not even a two-minute song, it has the endurance and longevity of a classic hardcore hit.
Before Dishonor
“I choose my own destiny.” That lyrical excerpt pretty much sums up this one. This is the first song that goes over two-minutes. It does change up at the end and is almost two songs.
More hardcore bliss, the vocals are very interesting in the way they are blended and mixed on this one. It has such a clear production. The whole thing just slaps you in the face.
Conceived Through an Act of Violence
This is a song about being a “product of rape.” I am sure this must be the root of one or more of the band member’s hatred.
Afflicted Past
Another traditional Hatebreed song, this starts out all hardcore, then switches beat and turns into a mosh at the end. A lot of their earlier songs do this, and most of them are very short.
Prepare For War
This is one of my favorites. It is a mosh all the way through. This has one of my favorite lyrics, “I have yet begun to fight.” Being the tenacious type, I can really relate to this song.
Not One Truth
This is a rather trippy song. The vocals are just awesome the way they fade on, “burn at the stake.” It is surely not missing any heaviness though.
Betrayed By Life
This is another typical hardcore song that calls to mind Agnostic Front or VOD.
Mark My Words
I love the bass beats on this one.
Last Breath
This is another of my all time Hatebreed favorites. It is filled with razor sharp riffs and awesome mosh inspiring beats.
Burial for the Living

Here’s another song that starts out very hardcore-punk-like, then turns in to a mosh fest.

Worlds Apart
This tune ramps up to a thrashers paradise towards the end.
Driven By Suffering
This one ends up the album nicely. It features hard impressive riffs all the way through. Then it just cuts off cold like you would expect from a hardcore album.
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