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Mr. Gil

I Want You Back Home

Review by Larry Toering

This is one very hard to describe Polish release, as it is a very slow paced effort, but a very enjoyable disc. The music is all very folk oriented but in such a progressive way it gets the MSJ “prog” tag. There is beauty at every turn here, and it does intrigue the listener to further explore the music this group has to offer. Mr. Gil manage to somehow provoke every romantic thought possible, and leave one to do a lot of thinking. That not only pleases the ear, but works to a hook, line and sinker effect. Just how mesmerized one becomes is always going to be the question, no matter how old this gets, which is a testament to this band. The concept is explained well in the title, as one gets further away from home, there is always someone who wants you to get back there, and it's all delivered with pure excellence.

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Track by Track Review

This sets the entire speed of the disc in one track and establishes the pace with an exquisite little time piece. The feather light arrangement is what makes this and the whole album so beautiful.

Our Shoes
This follows a more vocal oriented approach, and the result is very soothing in contrast to the previous track, and it makes all the difference between the two. It's hard to go wrong with lyrics like “so we are running through the rain /  Our shoes are just the same.”
In Your Heart
Everything becomes clearly more progressive here for what speed there is to be found on this release. So far it's the most comprehensive track, and it helps to warm up the rest of this disc. It goes into some great string arrangements toward the end that really spice it all up nicely. This is a great track!
Find Me
This follows a very smooth pace, as usual, but once again the vocals come alive, backed by more great lyrics. It just seems to get better as it goes, so far. We get back to back greatness here.
Change Your Name
The disc begins to really peak here, as it reaches an epic pint on this track. Everything going on here is summed up easily here where the music comes full circle.
Fix My Arms
This is progressively (noticeably but not greatly) slower again. It’s along the lines of the rest on offer, but like the previous track, this is some of the best material going here.
Start Again
A nice piano leads this interesting track, which has more uplifting factors to it, along with an awesome string arrangement. I would have to rate this one as the most artistically satisfying number on the disc.
This is another massively interesting track, in fact it's as equally extraordinary as the previous tune - very well done in every way. I like how they get better as they go here. This is brilliant!
Come Home
In closing, things become of a more vocally chanting nature, but it seems to get their whole point across on this amazingly spacey but very controlled number. It serves to round out this marvelous release by a very interesting group.
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