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Out Of Myself

Review by Larry Toering

This is one of two Riverside releases I'm reviewing this issue, and they're both amazing prog albums. I like everything about the whole modern industrial feel to this band. I am fairly new to Riverside and just getting around to absorbing what it is they're all about, and I like what I'm finding. The guitars, vocals, keyboards, drums and use of other instruments is nothing short of brilliant, and the way they blend them together is second to none, as well.

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Track by Track Review
The Same River
The intro begins with running through a radio dial, and then it goes into some great bass and sharp guitar noodling before developing into an industrial jam that just goes into a wild assault on the ears. This is pure magic, and later on in the song come the vocals and they add the icing on the cake to one of the coolest things I've ever heard. This is killer guitar playing with so much more going on that it's practically insane.
Out Of Myself
This continues right off the bat to blend these modern vocal stylings with fantastic instrumentation. It sounds somewhere between the Pet Shop Boys and Joe Satriani, if that's possible, added with a little Seal and newer bands like Saliva. I say that because it contains all of that and you can still dance to it. What a great slice of fantasy this title track is.
I Believe
This track is based around a lot of atmospheric noise before going into a very groovy little number with mesmerizing layered vocals. It’s just a majestic semi-acoustic tune with a dark touch.
Reality Dream
More atmospheric sounds start this one off, but it goes into a much harder groove and turns into a rocker with soft touches to spice it up with a strong jazz feel..
Loose Heart
This is another fascinating spacey number with more of a slow pace to it. It’s just another outstanding treat. There is a lot of whispering going on with a strong Tool feel, very scientific and industrial.
Reality Dream II
The second part of the concept starts off much differently with mass percussion to set up an even harder effort on this part. With lots of string and keyboard parts to make all the difference, I'd say even though part I is great, this is much better - in fact awesome!
In Two Minds
This is yet another completely different approach. It starts off with some cool whispering, but then it turns into one of the more romantic 80s sounding numbers. It’s backed by a searing guitar and more atmospheric sounds. I can listen to this as much as anything on offer, and it's all so very interesting.
Curtain Falls
Blues comes into the picture slightly as the opening guitar motif proves to shine beautifully to set this track up in style. This is the slowest number if you don't count one outburst that takes place toward the end before going back into slow motion. This has to be one of the best tracks on the disc, as it is undeniably killer.
This isn't the most progressive track on the album, but it is the most abstract, indeed. It’s a very oddly timed number with more of that atmospheric ambience to it. But it's a great closer to a great album
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