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Duran Duran

A Diamond in the Mind (Live At The MEN Arena, London, England / 2011)

Review by Gary Hill

I reviewed the video companion product to this in the previous issue of Music Street Journal and really enjoyed it. Well, the audio set is great, too. I’d highly recommend this to all fans of Duran Duran, casual or hardcore. Who doesn’t like Duran Duran, really?

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2012  Volume 5 at

Track by Track Review
Before The Rain

Moody and atmospheric textures start this piece and Simon LeBon’s vocals really carry it. It remains reasonably mellow and keyboard dominated for much of the track, but rocks out more at times. Still, the vocals are really the driving factor here.

Planet Earth

The motif that starts this is very electronic and dance oriented. Then that classic guitar riff joins and we’re off in style. A Duran Duran classic, this gets a great live telling here.

View To A Kill

There seems to me to be a bit of a groove to this that I don’t remember when it was showcased as a James Bond theme song. It suits the piece well and that driving, rubbery bass line is great. This is a highlight of the set and a killer live rendition of a great tune.

All You Need Is Now

I’m not overly crazy about this number. It’s got a bit too much of a dance club, techno kind of feeling to it at times. That said, some of the guitar bits are cool and it’s got a catchy chorus.

Come Undone

Built on an almost R & B groove, this has a classic Duran Duran texture to it. It features female vocals and a great hook. This is a rather subdued tune, but also a very strong one.

Blame The Machines

While at times this is catchy and quite tasty, there’s a bit too much of a dance feeling to a lot of it. Still, even at that, it’s good.

The Reflex

I’m not overly crazy about the extended vocal section with its tribal drumming sounds that opens this. Once they work out into the song proper, though, it’s great.

Girl Panic !

I love the vocal hooks on this cut, but the killer rocking groove is awesome, too. All in all, this is one of the highlights of the set.

Ordinary World

This mellower, slower cut is essentially a Duran Duran ballad and it’s awesome. It’s one of the best cuts on the disc, but then again, everything here is great. It includes some tasty guitar work and just oozes cool.


A pretty straight forward Duran Duran hit, this is delivered in style, but not really a highlight of the set.

Hungry Like The Wolf

One of the cuts that broke the group into the public eye, this track gets a great live retelling, complete with saxophone. It’s certainly one of the standouts of the show.

(Reach Up For The) Sunrise

With one of the catchiest hooks of the whole concert, this rocks. It’s probably not one of the real highlights, but it sure is infectious.

Wild Boys / Relax Medley

They start this off with another Duran Duran classic and put in a solid rendition. Then it modulates out into a cover of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit. The combination of the two songs assembled works really well and after the short foray into FGH-land, they bring it back out into the recognizable hook of “Wild Boys.”


Another Duran Duran classic, this works really well here and includes more of that smoking hot saxophone soloing. It’s a great way to end things and has a killer climactic build up.

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