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George Jones/Merle Haggard/Johnny Paycheck

Double Trouble / Taste of Yesterday's Wine

Review by Gary Hill

Here’s a cool release. This features two separate classic albums re-issued as one CD. There’s a lot of great music here. The only real complaint is that they couldn’t rearrange these things. It would have made for a disc that flowed better. The first album is a lot more high energy and they really seem to be having fun. The second disc is more traditional country and leans on the slower, sadder stuff. That makes it drag a bit. I mean, I get the concept here and I understand why it is the way it is. Perhaps it would be better to play this one on shuffle. No matter how you line it up, though, this is worth having.

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Track by Track Review
When You're Ugly Like Us (You Just Naturally Got To Be Cool)

This has a real soulful kind of vibe to it. It really rocks. There is some country in the mix here, but overall this is playful soul-based rock music.

Along Came Jones
Here’s a tune that’s part country and part tongue-in-cheek musical theater.
Proud Mary
This classic gets a fun cover here. There’s a lot of energy and there are some bits of country, but overall this is a smoking hot rock tune.
You Can Have Her
Now, this slower tune has plenty of country music in the mix. It doesn’t sacrifice any of the fun in the process, though. This is a catchy one that works quite well.
Smack Dab in the Middle
Good time old fashioned rock and roll, the fun continues here.
They add a little bit of country to this Chuck Berry classic. I love the original, but I might like this version even better. It’s fast paced and a lot of fun.
Roll over Beethoven
Here’s another Chuck Berry tune. While I really liked the last one better than the original, I don’t think this one works as well. Still, it’s fun, anyway. Also, there’s some great guitar soloing on the outro.
Kansas City
Here’s a more pure country tune. It works quite well and provides a bit of variety.
Tutti Frutti
This classic rock and roller is delivered in style here.
You Better Move On
Here we’ve got a slow moving country tune. This has a great sound. It’s definitely not got the sense of fun we’ve heard on a lot of the rest here, though.
Yesterday's Wine
Another slower tune, this is very much a cowboy styled country song. It’s got a lot of charm and the harmonica works well, as does the slide guitar.
After I Sing All My Songs
This is a sad tune. It’s another slow country song and the slide guitar is all over this thing.
I Think I've Found A Way
Another slow country tune, this is alright, but by this point we really could use an infusion of energy.
The Brothers
Although this is a slow mellow country tune, it’s stronger than the last couple numbers. For that reason it manages to stand pretty tall despite the monolithic nature of this section of the album.
Mobile Bay
Another slow country tune, this suffers from the lack of variety.
C. C. Waterback
Now, this rockabilly tune is more fun. It’s got more energy, even though it’s still a little on the slow side. It’s a great number and an excellent way to get things back on track. There’s some nice honky tonk piano on this. It even leans towards zydeco later.
Silver Eagle
There’s just a hint of a Jimmy Buffett kind of thing here. Although this is another mellow country tune, it’s of a high enough quality to stand out.
Must've Been Drunk
Now, this is fun. You have to love these lyrics “We musta been drunk when we said we’d stop drinkin’.” This reminds me of something Ray Stevens might do.
I Haven't Found Her Yet
Another pretty traditional country tune, this is okay, but not all that special.
No Show Jones
More of a fun tune, this is a good way to redeem things at the end.
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