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The Como Brothers Band

Baby Steps

Review by Gary Hill

This is a great album. The music covers a pretty wide range, but overall falls into a general mainstream pop rock category. There isn’t a weak song here and some really shine a lot. The album benefits by the placement of two of the best numbers as the first and last cuts on the set. All in all, this is a class act.

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Track by Track Review
Gotta Be True
I can’t imagine a better opener than this. It’s catchy and funky. The arrangement has plenty of modern rock and lots of jazz in it. This is just such a strong tune. It rocks like crazy, blending a real retro classic sound with more of a modern feeling. The instrumental section later is a little short but awesome.
Although this is less retro in sound, it’s a real killer modern rocker. This is still quite accessible and incredibly classy. I like it a lot.
Only Me

Another catchy pop rocker, this is arguably the most accessible of the three openers.

Straight Face

A bouncy and fun tune, this is quite a cool one. There is definitely a lot of jazz in the mix here.

Hang my Head
A bit mellower, this bouncy little tune has modern elements, but there are also some hints of The Beatles here. Some bits of old time music later, really bring that influence to the forefront.  It’s another great tune.
Late Nights
This might be the best cut on the CD. It’s got a killer retro texture, yet it’s still modern. This could easily fit under a progressive rock heading, but is also accessible like pop rock. There is plenty of psychedelia in the mix and this is just magic, pure and simple.
Hey Kristen
The main song here has a bouncy kind of pop rock vibe that feels a bit like Matchbox Twenty. The horns lend a different vibe. There are also some parts later in the track that bring in more of that progressive rock sound. It’s another cool song on a disc that’s full of cool songs.
Chasing Ambience
Jam band sounds blended with modern progressive rock and some retro stylings are the main players here. This is a mellower cut than a lot of the others on show here. It’s trippy and has some psychedelic music in the soundscape.
Make a Move
Another pop rock tune, this is a good one. It doesn’t break any real new ground, but when it’s this catchy and tasty, who cares?

The guitar part that opens things here makes me think of the Doobie Brothers just a bit. This gets more of a funk vibe as it continues and the chorus is more standard modern pop rock. All in all, it’s another great slab of catchy rock music.

The guitar sound here has a classic bluesy rock sound. The rest of the cut brings the familiar players. It’s all a great combination. This is slower and more understated, but it’s still great.
Bad Karma

They saved one of the best for last. There are plenty of modern sounds here. This rocks out more than a lot of the other music. There’s more of a psychedelic vibe in place and some of those Beatles elements are heard on the chorus, too. All in all, this is just a great tune. The guitar solo on this is killer, too.

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