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The Jazz Crusaders

Give Peace a Chance

Review by Gary Hill

This is a remastered version of a classic from the Jazz Crusaders. This disc holds up really well. It’s vital even today. I have to say I don’t have the original for the sake of comparison, but this one sounds great. If you’ve never owned this disc and you like jazz, you definitely should pick this one up. It fits in the “highly recommend” category.

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Track by Track Review
Give Peace a Chance

Piano opens this up. They take it out into a killer jam from there. I find that a lot of time with jazz renditions of familiar songs that they don’t seem very recognizable. Well, that’s not the case here. This is definitely jazz and quite a funky little tune at that, but the melodies are still recognizable.

I Think It Was a Dream
There is some awesome soloing on this. Yet, it’s still a solid ride. In other words, it plays more like a “song” and less like a medium for soloing.
Black Bird
Once again, the main melodies are intact, but this is an energized jazz tune that rocks out pretty well.
The Thrill Is Gone

I have to say that, as originally performed by BB King, I think “The Thrill Is Gone” is the greatest song ever written. This doesn’t have all the magic of that version, but it’s quite a cool jazz take on the classic. I love the retro keyboard sounds on this.

Anita’s New Dance

There’s a killer jazz tone to this. It’s got a great rhythm section and the horn solos are incredible. The bass work is also notable and there is some fine piano soloing, too. This is one of the best pieces here.

Space Settlement

As good as the rest of the album is, this is just amazing. It runs through any number of changes and is captivating throughout. It’s just an amazing jazz jam. Each member of the group gets a chance to shine (there’s even a bass solo). Yet it’s cohesive and quite a spacey journey. Weighing in around eleven minutes, this extensive piece is worth the price of admission by itself.

All the Lonely Years

Another killer jazz jam, this is among the best here, even thought it pales in comparison to the previous one.

Another Blues

Here’s an energetic jam with a great walking bass pattern. It has some killer instrumental work from all involved. It’s just a great groove and a great way to end the set in style.

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