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Ras Xix

Ras Xix

Review by Gary Hill

I’ve included this under progressive rock. That’s mainly because the publicist says it’s prog. I’m not convinced. I mean, yes, there are definitely prog elements. Additionally, I suppose this fits in terms of music that progresses beyond the norm. I’d consider this more in line with modern alternative rock, though. That said, whatever you call it, this is a strong set.

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Track by Track Review
Weightless With You

Starting with some effects and other sounds lending a space rock element, this works out to something a bit like Rush. That gets alternated with a more modern alternative rock vibe. The effect is something that has hard rock and progressive in the mix. Some of the hooks on this are pretty impressive. The short instrumental break is a bit strange, but also quite cool.

Nora 5
Based on acoustic guitar motifs, this is an intriguing cut. It has some jazz merged with the same mix of modern progressive rock and alternative rock. There are some decidedly lush arrangements here. This is a dramatic and powerful piece of music. I really love the vocal performance on this. It has a rather soulful approach.
The modern prog elements are pretty strong here. That said, there are plenty of things here that also fit closer to harder edged alternative rock. There are some interesting shifts and changes and this is a dynamic and diverse piece of music. I like it a lot..
The same basic mix of sounds is present here. This is a mellower, more melodic tune. It’s still quite energized, though. It gets pretty soaring at times, as well.
Hard rocking and rather furious, this is modern and tasty. The vocals really sell this thing, but there are some pretty cool musical twists here and there.
If It's Gone
Another acoustic guitar based piece, the vocals are again the driving point. There are overlayers of sound that are symphonic and call to mind modern progressive rock and things like Radiohead.
Las Arenas de Cartagena
I love this song. It’s got a real Latin kind of vibe to it, but is also quite progressive rock oriented. While it’s acoustic guitar based, it still rocks out. There is some scratching on this, too. It’s an intriguing mix of sounds, really.
New Religion
Energetic modern rock with a progressive twist is the order of business here.
Intergalactic Love Affair
This is a melodic rocker that has a lot of classic rock and alternative in the mix. It’s a cool tune.
Miss Simon
Energetic, bouncy hard rock, this is a real modern jam. It’s also fun.
I’d consider this melodic alternative rock. The whistling section is a nice touch
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