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Red Tide Rising

The Rising

Review by Gary Hill

These guys have a modern metal sound that’s related to things like Godsmack. They bring some epic metal to it and a real sense of story telling. In a lot of ways this is thinking man’s metal. The multiple layers of vocals are a great touch. Still, the sound isn’t ground breaking by any means and the formula doesn’t get changed up enough to sustain it through the duration. This is good stuff, though. There’s no question about that.

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Track by Track Review
Rising Tides

Dark, foreboding and dissonant piano sounds lead this out. As it builds, it’s with a real symphonic element. This instrumental piece is short and drops back to just the piano to take it to the end.

Firing out with some fierce modern metal sounds, this is a real stomper. The vocals are in the melodic modern metal mode. Overall, this seems like a merging of nu-metal with epic metal. It’s an effective piece.  
The Otherside
I like this one even better. It’s a bit meatier and some parts of this make me think of Queensryche a bit.
Very much in a modern nu-metal sound, I love the riff driving this thing. It’s a real powerhouse that works very well. In fact, this might be my favorite song on the disc.     
We Are the Hunted
Although modern in tone, this is a real powerhouse metal tune. It’s fast and heavy and very cool.
Break Away
More mainstream and hook laden, I’m not really all that impressed by this one. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t stand out at all. The sound is starting to get a little tired and this just doesn’t do anything to elevate itself.
Now, this is more like it. The riff that drives this is meaty. The vocal arrangement stands tall, too. This is a modern metal tune that just plain rocks.
This modern metal screamer is good, but the formula is starting to wear seriously thin.
Another solid song, this does manage to focus a bit more on the melodic. That helps it to avoid the monolithic nature a bit. The multi-layered vocal arrangement helps a lot, too. It should be noted that this is listed on the back of the cover as “The Choice” and that one as “Misery.”
The Choice
This powerhouse is more like it. The ferocious riff really screams.            
Vicious Circle
Another fierce piece, this is good, but does suffer a little from the sameness factor.        
This Is War
Here we get another slab of the same. The chorus hook is catchy, but beyond that, this is more of the same.
The Rising
The title track is a real screamer. At least most of it is. They take it out with a more melodic movement at the end. It’s one of the best tracks and manages to shrug off most of the monolithic nature.
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