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Matt Hannah

Let the Lonely Fade

Review by Gary Hill

Fans of singer/songwriter music will find plenty to like here. The sounds here range from soft rock to folk and country. The songs are well written and constructed. The only problem here is the vocals which seem to struggle with staying on key. For some people that’s not an issue. People like Neil Young have made a successful career despite vocal issues. There are some songs here where the vocals work better than others, too. I’d love to hear Matt Hannah put some greater effort into getting his vocals more palatable and here what his music sounds like. As it is, it’s still a good release. Better vocals could land this under “great.”

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Track by Track Review
Bigger than the Ocean

This bouncy acoustic based number is folk tune with some country in the mix. I like the arrangement and the chorus hook is catchy.

Long Way to Drive
More of an alternative rock song, this still has a lot of that folk vibe here. It’s very much in a singer/songwriter kind of motif. It’s not as effective as the opener, though.
1000 Miles
We’re back in acoustic folk styles here. This is a pretty catchy song.
Midnight Hurt
The melody on this is intricate and quite pretty. Piano adds a lot to the arrangement.
Run River Run
The country elements return on this folk number.
Let the Lonely Fade
The title track is one of the best here. It’s an energized rocker with some country in the mix. The vocals are among the best of the set. It should be noted that it earns a minor parental advisory.
Colorado Girl
Mellower and more sparse, this is more folk oriented. The vocals work pretty well here, too. Harmonica adds some charm to the piece.
Sweet Sweet Time
More of a rocker, this has a bouncy kind of energy.   
Find Our Way Back Home
Back in the mellow zone, this is very much a folk song. It’s not bad, but with the vocals taking as much a front and center role as they do, the song suffers a bit.
Lonesome Tune
The vocals work much better here. A stripped down, gentle folk ballad, this is one of the best songs of the disc.
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