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Laney Jones

Golden Road

Review by Gary Hill

It would be pretty easy to classify this as country. Add some folk into the mix and it fits a lot of the set. It’s not a perfect fit, though. There are a couple tracks that are more jazz and blues based. There is some rock here, too. It’s all very effective, though. There is enough variety to keep it from getting old, and everything works well.

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Track by Track Review
Broken Hearts

The acoustic based bluegrass vibe of this is catchy and energetic. The vocals lean more towards folk music than country, but still have some of that element, too. Whatever you call this song, though, it’s great stuff.

Devil Down
In some ways this isn’t a huge change. That said, the vocals land more purely in country territory. Additionally, this has a lot of old school blues and rock and roll built into it. The harmonica is a nice touch.
Black Coffee
Sure, there’s still some country twang here, but overall this is definitely a blues tune. It’s also quite strong, just like her black coffee.
Child of the Beast
A mellower tune, this is basically bluegrass infused folk music. It’s another side of the sound. It’s also another winner.
Rise No More
Bluegrass and folk also blend on this energized number. It has a great arrangement.
Pour Out the Whiskey
As good as everything to this point has been, it didn’t prepare us for this. Blues and jazz combine in this shuffling number. Everything just gels so well here. I’d say that this song is worth the price of admission all by itself.
Rock-A-Bye Sea
This is a fun one. It’s more of a rocker, but still laden with the usual suspects.
Nothing At All
This is another that’s more of a rock song, but this time it’s folk rock. This is good, but it’s a real feature of how strong the rest of the set is that this doesn’t seem to hold up as well as the bulk of the disc.
Shallow Pockets
A mellow, but still rocking number, this is very much a bluegrass shuffle. It’s also quite infectious.
Livin' For Today
Blues, jazz and ragtime merge on this fun little number. This is actually one of the best tracks here, making it a great choice to close things.


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