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Ynana Rose

Ynana Rose

Review by Gary Hill

I know this artist is considered folk music. I’d say that there is definitely some of that here. There is also a lot of country and bluegrass, though. This is definitely traditional music in a lot of ways, but with some modern trappings at times. However you chalk up the categories and descriptions, though, it’s quite a good set.

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Track by Track Review
Do You Dream of Me

I love the old school bluegrass kind of sound on the musical arrangement. The vocals have a classic sound, but sort of lack the kind of twang one would expect to go with that sound. In other words, this sounds like a more contemporary take on very old country styled music. This is great stuff. It makes for an excellent opener.

A folk tune, this is so pretty. It really feels like something that could have come out of the 1970s. It’s quite classic in tone and texture. The hooks work well, too.
Fool for You
The sound here is even older in nature than that of the opener. It’s very traditional with a real world music sound built into it. That said, the chorus hook brings it into more contemporary territory. This is another great tune that shows how you can vary traditional acoustic music and keep it interesting from song to song.
Don't Even Think of Leaving Me

This is more stripped back. It’s a slower cut with a lot of old school country in the mix.

Bettin' on Love Again
This is fast paced, old school bluegrass music. The vocals this time are more in keeping with that style of music. In fact, this feels like something that could have come out in the 1930s or 1940s to me. It’s a great tune.
The Love You Sow
World music and folk merge here. This is a dramatic and powerful song. It’s one of my favorites here.
The Greatest Story Never Told
The overlayers of melody on this song really add some great drama and magic. It has a world music texture that calls to mind campfires and gypsies. The vocal melody is infectious and potent, too.
There is definitely a lot of world music built into this one, too. It’s quite a pretty song that seems to have a lot of emotion.
Lovin’ a Man Like Me
Here we get another slow country tune. It’s another that would definitely feel at home in the early part of the twentieth century.
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Gentle folk music, this is both contemporary and classic. It’s also quite beautiful.
Guardian Angel
World music and folk merge on the closing piece. It’s another that’s pretty. It’s also quite intricate.


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