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Various Artists

Stoned: A Psych Tribute to the Rolling Stones

Review by Gary Hill

Tribute albums like this are almost always a mixed bag. This is no exception. This set in particular seems to lean a little heavy on the fuzz-driven DIY school of psychedelia, at times getting a little samey. Still, there is enough variety here to make it worth while. Additionally, there are a couple particularly exceptional versions on this disc.

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Track by Track Review
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - What A Shame

Noisy, echoey psychedelia is the idea here. This is trippy stuff for sure. Yet, it has some definite energy and groove. It works out into some space rock kind of stuff later, too. In fact, there are moments that make me think of Hawkwind.

The KVB - Sympathy for the Devil
I really love this version. There’s almost a Richard Hell vibe to it in some ways. It’s moody, a little creepy and very fuzz driven and echoey.
Shiny Darkly - Under My Thumb
The vocals on this one are a bit tough for me to take. They are kind of punky, very echoed and distant. Musically, this has very much the same fuzz driven DIY sound. It’s good, but starting to wear a little thin already.
Yeti Lane – Sway
This one works much better. It’s got a great groove to it and lots of fuzz driven goodness. This feels a little less garagey than some of the rest. There are elements of Hawkwind space here, too.
Clinic - It s Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It)
This is definitely a change. It’s more keyboard driven. It’s quite weird. I’m not completely enamored with this, but I do like the variety it brings. It’s kind of cute in a bizarre way.
Sons Of Hippies - Gimme Shelter
I really like this band a lot. I’ve reviewed one of their discs and several some songs on other comps. This is one of my favorite Stones songs, too. I love this version. The female vocals work really well and they really capture the spirit of the tune while bringing some psychedelia to it. This is my favorite song here and worth the price of admission by itself.
The Vacant Lots - She Smiled Sweetly
I like the processed kind of psychedelic vibe on this. The vocals almost remind me of vintage Cybermen. This has a great vibe to it. There are some Hawk-space elements here, too.
Celestial Bums - Child of the Moon
This is one of the better cuts here. It has a real gritty, garagey kind of psychedelic sound to it. Yet, it manages to stand above some of the rest through a bit of dreamy psych tone.
Tashaki Miyaki - Take It Or Leave It
There is almost a country vibe to this. It’s more of a 1960s pop sound blended with a psychedelic edge. I have to say that in some ways this makes me think of a more talented version of The Shaggs.
Allah-Las – Stoned
This almost reminds me of surf guitar music like The Ventures in a lot of ways. Sure, it’s got some more pure psychedelia in it, too, but really it’s closer to surf music.
Pink Velvet - (I Can t Get No) Satisfaction
I love the rocking female vocals on this. The cut is high energy and just plain great. It’s one of the highlights of the set. I’d recommend this one very highly.
Pure X - Beast of Burden
I like the electronic vibe to this. The female vocals work well, too. The cut is a nice bit of variety with some definite space elements.
Cheval Sombre - As Tears Go By
This echoey trippy number works pretty well. It’s not one of my favorites, but it brings variety and is effective.
The Tulips - Wild Horses
The energetic psychedelic approach here really brings a lot to the song. This is a strong number.
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