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Rebel House Radio

One More Day

Review by Gary Hill

This album has some modern music in the mix. Overall, though, it feels like it could have come out of the 1970s. Retro stylings and blues rock make this thing bath classy and classic. It has other elements at times, but it’s always quality.

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Track by Track Review
Can't Say No

I really love the energy and retro vibe on this song. It has a real 1970s classic rock element at its heart. Yet, it’s also modern in some ways. The vocal arrangement is classy. Then again, so is the whole song.

Soul Remedy
More of a blues guitar based rocker, this is no less retro in texture. It’s a really stylish tune. In fact, I’d say that this is even stronger than the opener. The guitar steals the show, but the organ adds a lot to the arrangement, too. This just screams “1970s!”
While this features both an effective vocal arrangement and some tasty guitar work, it’s not as strong as the previous two songs. It’s more modern in texture. It’s also a bit mellower. It’s solid. It’s just that those two set the bar so high, it can’t quite make it.
This is more screaming hot bluesy rock. It’s not as retro as the first couple tunes, but it’s every bit as effective as they are.
One More Day

Percussion and harmonica start this. As the vocals join over the top of that, it’s reminiscent of some of the 1970s blues rock. This really feels like a cross between something like The Yardbirds and Canned Heat. Comparisons to Led Zeppelin would be appropriate on the harder rocking stuff later. Still, there is a bit of a modern edge.

Doing a great job of combining modern rock with classic bluesy 70s rock, this is a smoking hot tune. In fact, it’s one of my favorites here.
Give My Time Away
Folk, bluegrass and more emerge on this cool acoustic based number. It has a real 1960s vibe to it.
Give My Time Away
Folk, bluegrass and more emerge on this cool acoustic based number. It has a real 1960s vibe to it.
Bluesy, soulful retro sounds with a lot of funk create a killer groove here. This is such a great tune. It works out into a killer space rock jam with some reggae in the mix. It returns to the song proper eventually to take it to the close.
Time to Go
This is a mellower song with some psychedelia in the mix. It’s not my favorite thing here, but it does have some great guitar work.
The Greatness
There are a lot of elements of bouncy psychedelic pop music here. It has some funk and a lot more in the mix, too. It’s a killer tune that’s fun.
Another classy tune, this has a real soulful, if a bit more stripped back, blues sound. The guitar manages to scream at times, though and the arrangement gets ramped up quite a bit at points. It’s both retro and modern.
Trouble out of Mind
This riff rocker works really well. It’s more modern in a lot of ways, but it still has plenty of that blues rock thing going. The guitar soloing is particularly noteworthy.
Had It All
I really love the groove on this number. It’s got a real blues vibe to it. It’s meaty and just so cool. It’s one of the highlights here. The more jazzy little bridge is a great touch, too.
This killer instrumental brings us more in the fusion end of the spectrum.
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