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Ransom Scenery

Ear to Ear

Review by Gary Hill

Modern progressive rock, shoegaze and more is on display here. This is an effective set for sure, with varying soundscapes driving each of the pieces. If you dig your prog modern and quite electronic, give this a try. You will probably find plenty to enjoy here.

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Track by Track Review
Slowly Spinning

This comes in with atmospheric sounds and grows out from there. It is set very much in a modern progressive rock sound, on the moody side, as it continues. There is definitely an air of electronic psychedelia here, too.

Moody, artsy, electronics with symphonic overtones drive this piece. There is a definite world music vibe here.
My Golden Shield
Parts of this land in that moody modern progressive rock territory. Other sections rock a lot more. Still, this has a lot of electronic psychedelic sound built into it. I love the multilayered vocal section. This has tendencies toward space music, too.
Just Tour

The mix of artistic, weird, electronic sound and modern prog here is quite effective. This is a drifting kind of moody piece of music.

Trippy music is the concept here. This is very much set in shoegaze territory.
After a weird little electronic section, this works out to some hard rocking stuff that makes me think just a little of 1990s King Crimson. This is a powerful, if a bit odd, piece. There are some sections that make me think of Depeche Mode, too.
Gasm of the Heart
Depeche Mode is an even bigger reference point here. Combine that with the same kind of electronic modern prog that’s appeared throughout this set and you’ll be in the right vicinity of this piece.
All My
Weird electronic psychedelic music is the concept here. It has sections that are closer to shoegaze. It’s a good cut, but it’s all starting to get a bit “samey” at this point. I do like the echoey aspects, though. This is one of the most complex and diverse tracks here, and longest.
Pop Scripture

 I like the rather noisy ending section. Beyond that, this isn’t particularly special, instead feeling a lot like the rest.

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