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The Runaways

Japanese Singles Collection

Review by Gary Hill

This set is pretty cool. I enjoy pretty much everything here. Of course, since this is a compilation of singles, it makes sense that a lot of this is accessible. This might actually be a great introduction to the Runaways for that very reason. I should mention that I’ve reviewed a couple of these songs previously. For the sake of consistency, the track reviews here are modified or copied from those.

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Track by Track Review
Cherry Bomb

With a punk edge and catchy chorus, this is such a fun song. I’ve always loved this one.

Very much an old time rock and roller, this is fun, too.
This makes me think of Kiss for some reason. It’s more of a mainstream rocker with a glam rock chorus.
Rock 'n' Roll
Another that makes me think of Kiss, this is a killer rocker. It has too much cowbell, though. Yes, that is a thing.
Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin
This one is much more of a metal tune, but there is still some punk here. I really like this a lot. It has a real NWOBHM vibe to it in a lot of ways.
Queens of Noise
This is quite a punky song.. It has some definite old school glam in the mix, too, though.
All Right You Guys
Another metallic piece, this one rocks. It’s one of my favorites here in a lot of ways.
A live version of the earlier cut, this is more hard rocking and raw. That’s a good thing, really. 
Little Sister
I’ve always loved this rocking tune. It’s a punky, yet accessible song.
School Days
Another favorite of mine, this is catchy and really rocks.
Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Here we get a cover of the old Slade song. It’s a cool rendition, too. It’s pretty similar to the original, but that’s not a bad thing.
Eight Days a Week
Covering the Beatles, this is more of a power pop take on the song. It’s mellow.
Bonus Tracks


Right Now

The keyboards on this bring some hints of progressive rock. Beyond that, though, it’s a hard edged rocker that’s pretty catchy.

Black Leather
This is raw, but also very cool. It’s very reminiscent of NWOBHM.
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