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Jane in Space

Jane in Space

Review by Gary Hill
This seems to be a blend of retro and modern sounds. The old school music that is referenced on this is 80s sounds by acts like Depeche Mode. The contemporary sounds land in the electronic and techno regions of sound. All in all, this is a classy set. It’s a bit monolithic at times, but works well despite that.

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Track by Track Review
Say Something
Coming in tentatively, this has a great blend of electronic and techno elements. There is a definite 80s kind of vibe going on here in a lot of ways. I love the powered up section on this. It’s so lush and powerful. It makes me think of Duran Duran just a bit.
This time around we get a tune that’s more pure techno music. This has some electronic sound in the mix. While it has its merits, I don’t like it nearly as well as I do the opener.
This electronic instrumental isn’t a big change, but it is cool.
Dizzy Head
This one has a lot of that 80s vibe to it. It’s a good tune, but not really a big change.
Now, this is incredibly cool. It makes me think of Depeche Mode for sure. It’s catchy, high energy and one of the real highlights here. The mellower drop back section is pretty trippy.
Mental Abrasions
Electronic dance music merges with techno and industrial sounds here. This is energized and quite cool. It’s another standout.
Imagine blending modern techno music with something like Depeche Mode. You will find yourself in this general territory.
If there is a song to avoid, this is it. It’s not that it’s necessarily a huge change. It just suffers a bit from some over-production on the vocals. That makes this one a bit hard to take for me.
This instrumental is quite pretty. I love the piano on it. Overall it has a real electronic space sound to it.
Feel It Alive
The sound here is not a big change. We get 80s music merged with electronic techno sounds. This has a driving rhythm section. It’s not one of the best here, but has enough energy to make it work well. The drop down segment is a nice touch, too.
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