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Review by Gary Hill
Hawklords is essentially a Hawkwind spin off band. At one point in time, Hawkwind actually recorded under the name "Hawklords" because of some legal issues with the name "Hawkwind." The current lineup of Hawklords includes both Harvey Bainbridge and Ron Tree both former Hawkwind members. This new album shares quite a bit of musical territory with Hawkwind, but stretches beyond that, too. It's an effective set that reaches from mellow space music to punk rock informed driving sounds.

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Track by Track Review
Out Of Phase

This starts with a vibe that's more pure prog rock oriented. It evolves into space rock and really does feel like something Hawkwind would have done in the 90s. The melodic drop back later is particularly classy. The cut grows back out from there and features some really soaring prog stuff further down the road.

Much more of a hard rocker, this feels like the punk rock side of Hawkwind. It's fast paced and quite strong. The vocals here are provided by Kim McAuliffe of Girlschool fame.
What's Next

Another with a driving, rocking vibe, this has quite a bit of punk edginess to it. Sure, it's still space rock, too. The more pure space rock stuff later is both quite Hawkwind like and exceptionally potent. This is actually one of my favorites here.

Circus Freaks
Percussion leads this out of the gate. As it powers forward it makes me think of Pink Floyd just a bit. This is an unusual tune. It's very much a prog rock thing, but with an AOR edge. Sure, I suppose you could say that there are Hawkwind elements, but they are a lot less prominent than on other tunes. I can even make out some hints of things like Devo here. I dig the bluesy guitar soloing, too. The mellower drop back later in the tune again begs comparisons to Pink Floyd.
The Moment
Trippy space keys make up the concept here. This instrumental is trademark space rock.
Step Off The Edge
Melodic rocking space music opens things here. This is very much a space rock turned more pure prog kind of jam. It's great stuff, too.
Driving and hard edged, this is great stuff. It's part Hawkwind and part creepy alternative rock.
The Time That We Forgot
Melodic prog with some space in the mix is the order of business here.
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