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Hawklords - 25 Years On

Review by Gary Hill
This album was released under the moniker of "Hawklords." Apparently there were some legal issues tying up the Hawkwind name, so the change was made. The album is musically all Hawkwind, though. Yes, it gets a bit punky at times. In a lot of ways, it's not that far removed from the sound of Quark Strangeness and Charm, though. You'll note that I've landed it under Hawkwind rather than Hawklords, though. That's because there is another group currently using that name, so this is the easiest way to avoid confusion.

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Track by Track Review
Psi Power

Another with a sci-fi theme, this one is a dynamic and powerful `70s progish rocker. It chronicles the adventures of someone with psychic abilities. "I can read your mind like a magazine." The chorus is quite catchy. This one features a great prog oriented instrumental break. We find that this power that the narrator has have a dark side. "It's like a radio you can't switch off, There's no way to get piece of mind, I'd like to live in a lead lined room, And leave all the Psi Power behind." "Circle, square, triangle, waves, It's a gift that seems to have gone sour, Why don't they let me get some rest, It's too much to understand, to digest."

More in the mellow vein, this is electronic space music that's very classy stuff. From there, though, it works to more rocking stuff as the guitar sound takes the forefront. This is such a classy song. As it works back out to more electronic territory later, I really dig the bass work.
This reminds me of "Adjust Me" because it starts with a slow electronic sound and that gradually gets sped up as it keeps working forward. It's basically an introduction to the next tune.
25 Years
This is a punky and fun hard rocking number. It makes me think of "Silver Machine" in a lot of ways.
Flying Doctor
Punky and hard-rocking, this is cool stuff. It has an almost NWOBHM vibe to it. This is definitely a different kind of thing.
The Only Ones
This is a great melodic rock song that's part hard rocker, part prog and all cool. It's one of the better tracks here.
(Only) The Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid
A classy and rather melodic mellower tune, this is great stuff.
The Age of the Micro Man
This cut really does seem to do a good job or tying everything together and wrapping it with a great bow. It has a great space rock sound and includes some name checks to the title track.
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