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Gerry Rafferty

Can I Have My Money Back?

Review by Gary Hill
I know Gerry Rafferty was best known for the song "Baker Street." That tune combines jazzy textures along with melodic rock and more. Many of those elements are at play here. Those in the know will realize that Rafferty was also part of the band Stealer's Wheel. This is not that far removed from those sounds, either. All in all, this is an intriguing set with a fairly wide range of music at hand.
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Track by Track Review
New Street Blues

This comes in with a really jazzy kind of vibe. As it works out to the more rock and roll stuff this makes me think of the Grateful Dead. The horns still bring a lot of that jazz element, but this is a lot like the Dead in many ways to me.

Didn't I?
This folk meets country kind of number feels even more like the Grateful Dead.
Mr Universe
If the two openers made me think of The Grateful Dead, this one seems so much like George Harrison to me. It's a great melodic rocker.
Mary Skeffington
This is more trademark Gerry Rafferty to my ears. It is a melodic folk rocker that's classic and classy.
The Long Way Round
A mid-tempo melodic rock song, this is classy, too. I like the melodies and the whole musical concept. It has a touch of a Beatles flair to it, but it's only a little bit. There are hints of prog rock built into this, too.
Can I Have My Money Back?
There is a lot of old school country music here. The mellower sections are more folk music, but there's a full on hoe-down at the end.
Sign on the Dotted Line
While the horns return here, they aren't really jazzy. This feels like a Beatle again, but this time it's Paul McCartney. This is a fun rocker. In fact, it's one of my favorite tunes here.
Make You, Break You
This folk rocker is melodic, energized and a lot of fun.
To Each and Everyone
Here is another folk based rock tune that's pretty strong.
One Drink Down
More of a down home song permeates this. The cut doesn't work as well as some of the rest as far as I'm concerned. Still, it has its charms.
Don't Count Me Out
Melodic 1970s rock is the idea here. This is a classy tune that seems to have some of that Grateful Dead thing in place at times.
Half a Chance
This is more of a jazzy, proggy kind of thing. It has a lot of Beatles sound in the mix, too. It's a nice change and one of the stronger cuts here.
Where I Belong
Piano and voice open this and hold it for the duration. This is a classic sounding tune in so many ways.
Bonus Track
So Bad Thinking
Jazzy and yet Beatles-like, this is a classy tune.
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