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A New Kind of Lightning

Review by Gary Hill
I generally land this kind of electronic music under progressive rock. It's not rock music. That's for sure. It's more in line with things like Vangelis and other electronic music. This is experimental and intriguing instrumental music. While there aren't a lot of peaks and valleys to this, it's varied from song to song for certain. You aren't likely to ever think of it as one long song.

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Track by Track Review
Om Is On

Starting ambient and textural, percussion rises up from there and we're into the ride. This intriguing cut manages to be otherworldly and organic at the same time.


There is a bit of a reggae vibe to the beginning of this number. It works out to an almost playful electronic music sound from there.

3 Times Astray

Trippy and a bit menacing at the start, this works to a bit of a world music turned electronic vibe. As this carries on, I'm reminded of Nox Arcana quite a bit.


There is an Asian element all over this song. It's more trippy electronic stuff.

Ishvara Bhavan Kah

In some ways this feels like a variant on the same kinds of themes we heard in the last tune. It gets more involved and layered here, though.

Tau Tonic

More dramatic, this feels like something that would fit well in the soundtrack of a film.

To me there is a bit of a Kraftwerk-like vibe to this, mixed with some classical music. It's very organ based.
Out of Me

I like the layers of keyboards on this cut quite a bit. There are definitely some spacey elements at play here. I'm reminded of things like Synergy and Tangerine Dream on this cut.

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