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High Water

Review by Gary Hill
When these guys are best, it's when they embrace their punk, rough around the edges sound. They tend to falter just a little when they stretch past that. Still, there are some strong moments when they do that. All in all, this is a solid set for fans of raw rock and punk.

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Track by Track Review
Walk Away

This pounds in with a real hardcore punk intensity and fire. This is raw, no frills rock music with a lot of punk built into it.

I dig the cool riffing that opens this. As the vocals join this really resembles AC/DC.
Cut From The Same Cloth
Punk and some killer raunch and roll are combined on this stomper. It's all energy and sneer.
Styrofoam Cup
There is a country based Americana built into this song. It's a slower piece. I don't think it works as well as the previous numbers. Sure, there is still some punk here, but this is more down-home music than anything else.
Raw raunch and roll is the idea here. This has as much in common with garage rock as it does things like Hanoi Rocks. Whatever you call it, this is stomping hot punky rock.
The main riff on this feels like something from AC/DC's Powerage album. The cut feels a bit like a punkier AC/DC overall. While there are a lot of parental advisory moments on this album, this is the most direct one.
Don't Give a Damn
Here we get some more of that country music thing. This starts in an acoustic mode and then works out to a rocking, but not distorted, approach. This one works better because it's so funny.
Hell or High Water
This one also starts with an acoustic approach, but it's all punk rock. After the first verse, they scream it out with distorted harder rocking stuff. This is a cool tune. In fact, it's one of my favorites of the set.
Full on fast paced punk rock, this is another screamer. It's also one of the stronger cuts here. The funny thing is, there are still some hints of hillbilly music in this.
'Til the Wheels Fall Off
This makes me think of a punk rock version of the Rolling Stones. There is a lot of classic rock in the mix here, but it's all delivered with a raw edge.
Kindness to the Dead
This one is another that's a lot like AC/DC. It is one of the more effective cuts here, too.
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