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Rhino Bucket

The Last Real Rock N' Roll

Review by Gary Hill

If you like AC/DC you will like this album. These guys play a brand of hard rock and roll that is based on the same kind of no-frills sound as that band. In fact, a lot of times they sound like AC/DC.  There are no real surprises here, and not a ton of variety. There is some solid rock and roll, though.


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Track by Track Review
Hello Citizens

They bring it in with a cool burst of sound and then drop it down. The main guitar riff joins from there and we're off into the rock and roll groove.

Everything You Do

I dig the riff and the vibe that drives this stomper. It's another killer rock and roll tune.

Last Call

They open this with a pretty typical riff, but drop it way down from there for the vocals. The first vocals are delivered over a stripped back section, but the guitar rises up to carry it forward. Other elements are added to the mix as this gets into a hook laden powered up jam. It goes back down to the basics for the next verse, though.

I'm Your Doctor

They don't mess around with this hard rocking stomper.  It's energized and catchy at the same time. This is raw, but so tasty.

So Long

I think this is one of the most fun numbers here. It just seems to really grab me and not let go. The general format isn't drastically changed, but this just stomps. It does get a parental advisory for the lyrics.

It's a Sin
Here we get another smoking hot slab of hard edged rock and roll.

This definitely seems to fit with the last song because you need forgiveness for sin. It's another stomper that works quite well.

Bang My Drum

We get another killer hard rocking jam here. This is no big change, but it's another solid tune. It's a bit less powered up than some of the rest is.

A Swing and a Miss
This is a bit of a change. Mind you, it's still the same basic raunch and roll we've heard throughout. It just leans a bit more toward a classic metal vibe.
Falling Down the Stairs

Fierce and meaty, this is a real stomper. There is a definite punk rock edge to it.

There is no big change here. This is just another effective hard rocker. I really dig the guitar solo on this.
The Devil You Know
This comes in with some dramatic sounds like some kind of epic metal tune. It shifts to more familiar territory from there, though. This is another song with a definite parental advisory. They stretch their sound here more than they do at any other place on the CD.


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