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Review by Gary Hill

The sound on this album is pretty diverse. There is a healthy helping of electronic music here. We get a good chunk of techno styled stuff, too. Reggae, via dub-step shows up. There is real hip hop, too. All of it is combined in a set that (while a bit odd at times) flows well and is effective.

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Track by Track Review
The Fall of Latimer City

Starting with the sounds of nature, intriguing and quite proggy music rises up from there to hold it to the half-way mark. That drops away and piano takes over. The piece works forward in an electronic turned prog with classical leanings musical style. This instrumental is quite compelling.

Voodou feat. Jacq Knat Turner and Zeale
This is very cool. It has a musical element that's rather proggy and very interesting. The female vocals are quite beautiful and powerful. The male ones are raps. There are two different rappers, one of whom sounds a lot like Eminem. They work this out into some weird techno styled stuff at a couple points later that doesn't work as well. That said, it would probably be popular in the dance clubs. This gets a definite parental advisory.
Gamma Ray feat. Vorso

This is cool trippy stuff. It's electronic and techno in nature. There is still a bit of a proggy edge to this. There are some bits of what I think are sampled vocals, but overall this is an instrumental.

Revolutionaire feat. Ripparachie

With a lot of techno sounds along with some symphonic overtones, this has some seriously powerful raps. The hip hop is strong with this one. I like the pounding, driving kind of sound to the piece, too.


This cut is electronic and rather freaky.

I Saw A Light feat. Sobo

Here is another song that's more like electronica than anything else.. It's  a bit proggy and pretty trippy. Yet, it has a driving, insistent element to it, too.

Analogue Noir

More electronic weirdness, this is perhaps stranger than the rest. It features a lot of percussive elements along with a lot of sound effects. Yet, there are bits of jazz that are heard here and there.

Dub the People

I dig the reggae vibe on this dub-step number. It's a fun cut.

LDA feat. Subtronics

Apparently "LDA" stands for "Let's Do Acid." This song does feel a bit like you are tripping. It's pretty freaky stuff. It is very techno in nature.

Rhythm Runners feat. Dirt Monkey & Barrington Levy

The raps on this are very much reggae based. The music has a definite reggae element, but overall this is weird electronic meets techno music. It's pretty cool. In fact, this might be my favorite piece here.

Jellyfish (Aiden's Song)

Mellower elements along with nature sounds open this piece. It's definitely electronic but melodic and quite pretty at the same time. The vocals are processed in a cool old-school electronic music way, feeling almost robotic.

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