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It's Broken

Review by Gary Hill

Perhaps this doesn't fit under progressive rock. The electronic vibe on this can be seen as almost a modernized, more fun-loving, take on acts like Kraftwerk. This is clearly artsy music. Whatever you call it, though, this is an entertaining and varied set of music. It's instrumental although there are some non-lyrical vocals that I think are sampled along with some spoken ones (again sampled, I believe).

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Track by Track Review
I dig the trippy kind of slightly off-kilter vibe here. It combines a proggy electronic element with hints of Americana. There is definitely a spacey kind of element at play here.
There are some vocal samples in the mix here, female and spoken. Beyond that, this is a cool electronic exploration that's high energy and fun. It has some great melodic elements at play.
A female sung voice (sample?) is heard here in a non-lyrical way. This has a great electronic music vibe to it. It's different from either of the two openers. There is a soaring kind of element here. Some gentle drop backs bring hints of world music to the cut.
Hammered Down
The rhythmic element here is intriguing. The electronics bring some odd elements at times. This is almost like Rick Wakeman does trip-hop at times.
Frame Break
I love the trippy kind of electronic sound on this thing. There are voices here that are definitely sampled and processed. This is fun stuff.
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