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Eyes of the Sun

Review by Gary Hill

If you dig a classic blues rock sound, there is plenty to like here. These guys almost feel like they should have been around in the 1970s. Yet, there is a crunchier, harder rocking edge than they would have had in that time period. This is a classic sounding album that has a freshness to its style.

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Track by Track Review
Bluesy rocking stuff, this is a classy number. There are hints of things like the Allman Brothers on this. Still, other elements seem like Lenny Kravitz.
Blind Hawg
Another blues rock tune, I love the guitar sound on this thing. The cut has a great vibe and a lot of energy.
Eyes of the Sun
There is some killer slide guitar built into this beast. Perhaps the blues influence is even more pronounced here. This is a hot and slinky number.
Another stomping blues rocker, this might not be a big change, but it has a big sound.
Shake You
Another screaming hot stomper, this is another tune that makes me think of Lenny Kravitz in some ways. It can make out some hints of Grand Funk Railroad, too. Of course, this is more incendiary than either of those comparisons would indicate. There is a mellower jam mid-track that feels like something that could have come from the first Santana band.
Turn to Stone
A bit mellower, I don't like this cut as well as I do the rest of them. It has a very classic sound, though. It just doesn't seem to gel as well as the rest do. Still, there is some tasty guitar work, particularly the double soloing. A mellower kind of spacey jam at the end is a nice touch.
Washed My Hands
Although the basic concept isn't changed, this is another killer blues rock stomper. It's a screamer with both a powerhouse vocal performance and some meaty guitar work.
Lovin' Man
In some ways this makes me think of early Aerosmith. I'm reminded a bit of ZZ Top, too. It's all delivered with a very strong electric blues sound.
Relief in C
Starting with sitar, other acoustic instrumentation comes into the mix. This is set in a roots music vibe with almost a bluegrass goes Indian vibe to it. It really is a nice change of pace. This is the only instrumental on the disc, too.
Chasing the Sun
A slower blues rocker, this is classic stuff. I like it a lot. The guitar is classic. The whole cut really jams.
Let Your Love Shine Down
More of a soulful rocker, this has a classic rock vibe to it for sure. There is some more of that Allman Brothers thing in parts of this cut, particularly the involved jam late in the piece. I love the section with the multiple layers of vocals.
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