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Dusan Jevtovic

Live at Home

Review by Gary Hill

You can count on Dusan Jevtovic and company to consistently produce killer music. This new live CD is no exception. While the bulk of this is instrumental, there are some vocals sprinkled throughout the performance. This runs the gamut from fusion to world music, space rock and more. The musicianship is some of the best you'll find throughout, though, making this a consistent and impressive journey.

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Track by Track Review
No Answer
Coming in sedate and rather stripped back, this grows out after a time to a bit more rocking fusion sound to carry forward. There is some cool retro rock sound in this as the jamming works through in style. I really dig the keyboard solo section late in the cut. They work to a bit more of a full band sound for the ending.
Angel / Al Aire-Soko Bira

There are some trippy atmospherics that start this cut. After it gets into more of a guitar ballad sound vocals enter to move this forward. Then around the two and a half minute mark the vocals drop away and some weird space sounds take over. They end the first piece there and after a short bit of applause come in with some cool King Crimson like jamming from there. This gets quire intense as they move through various shifts and changes.


This comes in with a killer melodic fusion vibe and works forward from there. I really love the groove of this number. It has some exceptional jamming and gets into some weird territory with some almost Hendrix goes world music sounds at times. I love some of the keyboard work on this thing, too, but each instrument gets plenty of chances to shine. I love the smoking hot section around the eight minute mark. It's a killer.

New Pop

With a bit more of a straight-ahead rock sound (especially at the start), this still has enough jazz and cool changes to keep it interesting. I really love the bass work on the tune, too. The guitar soloing on this one is particularly tasty, too. The organ soloing has an old school jazz texture. There is a drop back to just the rhythm section around the six minute mark on this piece. Things build out from there in some intense jamming. It works back to the opening segment after that to create a nice bookend approach.


World music vocals open this, creating an intriguing tapestry. Eventually those end and we are taken into a killer King Crimson like jam to continue. At the end it drops to another world music section.


There is some killer space styled stuff in the mix here along with plenty of fusion and other cool elements. There is some really potent stuff in this. There is some especially cool bass work, but you can't deny the keyboard playing either. Everyone really puts in a stellar performance here. It's like the whole show was building to this powerhouse performance. There are some world music and other vocals on this, but the bulk of it is instrumental. The cut has some space rock type stuff along with some world music and more. It's quite a ride, really.

Gracias Y Perdon - Outro

Freaky, noisy space type stuff is all over this oddity. It's unusual, but also quite cool.

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