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The Rattles

Live! Hamburg Sounds

Review by Gary Hill

I've never heard of this band before, but apparently they are big in Germany. The stage banter on this album is all in German, but the singing is in English. Most of this leans toward old school party rock, but things turn more toward the modern near the end. All in all this is a fun set. While the number of songs may make this look longer, it's about an hour and ten minutes of music. Some of the tunes are particularly short.

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Track by Track Review
This spoken introduction is, as you might guess, in German.
Come On And Sing
This is a cool classic rocking song with the crowd clapping to the beat.
Sha La La La Lee
More good time old school pop rock music, this is another fun one. It makes me think of early Beatles.
Love Of My Life

Percussion leads this one off, and the crowd claps along. The music comes in over the top with a rather stripped back rock and roll arrangement. It grows steadily outward from there into another cool old school rocker.

La La La
Not a big change, this is just another classic rocker with some cool hooks.
Unchained Melody
I've never been a big fan of this old school balladic piece, but they put in a good version.
Mashed Potatoes
A cool rocking number, this one is a lot of fun for sure. I love the guitar work on it, and it has some great riffs and hooks.
Hippy Hippy Shake
You get the basic idea here. This is a cool little rocker.
Here we go with more cool old school rock and roll.
Twist And Shout
One of the highlights of the set, this is so much fun.
This classic has always been a lot a great song. They put in a good rendition of the tune.
Hotter Than Hell
Now, who would expect a Kiss cover? Besides that, who would expect them to do it in a way that fits with the rest of the set?
I dig this cut a lot. It has a lot of great old school rock built into it.    
This cool tune has a lot of punk in the mix.
After Tea
Built on a dropped back gang-vocal section, this is fun.
Las Vegas

More old time rock and roll, I dig this.

My Bonnie
They start this song with a pretty traditional, stripped down telling. It grows out to a punky, hard rocking version. This is a cool cut. It drops back to an audience sing-along section later in the tune.
This rocker has a more serious, less party-based, sound to it. It's a melodic rocker that feels a bit more modern.
Hot Wheels
This has more of a modern hard rocking sound, too. It's a cool cut and a great way to get back to more party rock sounds.
The Witch
I love the cool guitar riff that opens this. The closing tune grinds forward in style from there.
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