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The Jolly Pops

Bad Bad Dinosaur

Review by Gary Hill

This is the second set from this act I've reviewed. This is children's music. The thing is, it works pretty well for the adults in the room. Honestly, the best measure of this would be how kids react to it, but the interesting thing is, this act never really plays down to kids. Sure, the lyrics are more attuned to kids, and there are some sillier voices, but musically this is just music. It's entertaining for all ages in a lot of ways. That makes it easier for parents (or grandparents) as kids are notorious for playing the same music over and over again. Then again, I know some adults who do that, too. Either way, this will likely hold up better for repeat spins than a lot of kids' music will.

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Track by Track Review
Bad Bad Dinosaur
Dinosaur sounds open this. The cut works out into a fun, hard rocking jam. It has some alternative rock in the mix along with some catchy pop hooks. The "stomp" along section should have the kids participating like crazy.
Knuckle It Out
This has a hip hop meets alternative pop vibe to it. It's energetic and fun. It also quite short.
I Want a Puppy
The sounds of a puppy give way to some screaming hot metal. The lyrics are geared toward the younger crowd, but the music isn't sacrificed to make it work.
Ukulele starts this cut with a playful feeling to it. The track has a real folk music vibe, with just that instrument and vocals carrying it. Piano fills out the arrangement later, and other elements join even further down the road. Still, they serve more as icing on the cake, augmenting the number, rather than transforming it.
Not Your Cheese
Built on a merging of alternative rock and hip hop, this is down-right catchy. It really holds up so well. This is just another example of how you can create a tune that appeals to kids without really bringing the concept down.
Rollercoaster Ride
There are elements of this that make me think of "Sesame Street." The music has jazz, world music and alternative pop built into it. It is built on a very cool groove.
Rock Song
Built with some killer guitar sounds, this is a rock song about rocks. It's catchy and classy.
Snack Attack
I can definitely hear some Red Hot Chili Peppers in the mix here. This is fun, catchy and rocking.
Morning Swim
This is built around a cool jazz groove. It's another catchy and particularly entertaining piece.
Up and Down Like a Yoyo
With a cool little up and down slide sound to add a playful texture, this is another hip hop piece. It's fun and classy.
Dance Like Everyone is Watching
There is a mysterious tone to the opening here. That shifts to a classic hip hop kind of sound. This is classy stuff.  It doesn't sound so much like kids' music, but then again this project never seems to try to go for the obvious "children's music" concept.
Why You Gotta Fry Me Guy?
I dig the cool groove on this cut. It has some elements of Sesame Street, but it also has lots of hip hop.
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