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Joe Olnick

Band – Iguana

Review by Gary Hill
I reviewed a previous set from Joe Olnick and didn’t land it under progressive rock. This one really isn’t prog, either. It is probably closest to fusion, though. We generally land fusion under prog, so here we are. Besides, some of this qualifies on its own. This is a very short set, less than twenty-minutes. I’d have to say that is the one complaint I have. There just isn’t enough music here. What is here is strong and varied instrumental music, though.

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Track by Track Review
Sticky Floor Nightclub
There is some serious funk built into this. I dig the echoey guitar fills and the rubbery bass work. This is funky fusion at its meatiest and tastiest. The killer guitar soloing later in the piece brings some rock and roll and blues to the table. The sounds of a crowd join later and serve as the closing element.
Don's Theme
Mellow and quite proggy, this is very pretty. The guitar soloing is slow and expressive. As it continues a bluesy edge is introduced to the piece. This continues to grow with style and class. The cut has a steadily growing approach.
February 2nd
This is a short little interlude that feels like processed guitar harmonics.
Misadventures in Hi-Fi
More of a mainstream rocking guitar sound opens this. The cut has a definite progressive rock vibe as it drives forward. A barking dog guests on this number.
An acoustic guitar based piece, this is more of a pure folk rock kind of thing, but it has some proggy textures to it.
Hot Rocks
This rocking number has some cool textures. It’s more of a fusion meets jam band kind of thing in a lot of ways.
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