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Rio Trio

Straight to the Top

Review by Gary Hill

There is some classy instrumental music to be found in the tracks contained here. It has a real organic vibe. There is quite a bit of a Latin vibe to a lot of it. Jazz, world music and more are heard at various points. It even leans at times toward folk prog. All in all, this is an entertaining set.

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Track by Track Review
I love the unusual timing on this cut. The Latin elements and classy melodies really have some intriguing textures. There is a real classical edge to the piece. I can also make out some jazz on this. There is definitely a folk prog feeling to this as it works through its various stylings with different instruments taking the lead. Moments call to mind Jethro Tull, too.
Agua De Beber
Jazz sounds with Latin rhythms lead this number out of the gate. The cut carries along by delivering on that promise. I really dig the acoustic guitar work on this thing. The percussion is cool, too.
Nature Boy
Mellower and slow moving, this is quite organic and pretty. There is a real Native American kind of vibe to the track. It also feels a little melancholy.
My Favorite Things
I love this number. Then again, I love the song in general. This rendition is potent with it's world folk meets jazz kind of vibe. The acoustic guitar really drives it in some cool ways as it continues.
Crystal Silence
The intricate acoustic guitar brings a lot to this number. The whole piece really shines with it's mellow exploration. This one has a lot of classical music built into it. It's another that also leans toward folk prog zones.
Look to the Sky
Mellower world music based jazz is the order of business here. This cut is pretty and quite entertaining. The instruments seem to be taking a journey over the course of this piece.
My Little Boat
There is a bit of a French cafe element to the jazzy stylings on this number. It's not a huge change, but it's so entertaining and classy.
Black Orpheus
Not a big change, this is another classy world music meets jazz number.
Lucky Southern
I love the groove of this cut. There is a light-hearted feel to it. The percussion brings some real magic. The acoustic guitar is also a classy contributing factor to the potency of the piece. This is one of my favorites of the set.
Fun and energetic, this is a classy tune. It doesn't stretch the sound very far, but it's just a very effective version of the type of thing we've heard thoughout the set.
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