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Various Artists

Rock All Night (10 inch vinyl EP)

Review by Gary Hill

This new vinyl release from Bear Family Records is a reissue of a soundtrack record from the 1950s. It has a nice mix of vocal and instrumental tunes. It also has a good balance between jazzier songs and more rock and roll based ones. The record includes a cool poster and is pressed on red vinyl for a dramatic look. It's a classy release, but you can generally expect that from Bear Family.

You will find bonus video footage of this release is available at the Music Street Journal Youtube channel here:

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Track by Track Review
Side One
The Blockbusters - Rock All Night
With a bit of a jazz vibe, this is classy old school rock and roll. It's energized and a lot of fun. The guitar solo is classic and classy.
Eddie Beal Combo - Pussy Foot
This slower moving number has even more jazz built into it. It's really a bluesy, jazz piece of music. It's a tasty instrumental.
The Blockbusters - Rock And Roll Guitar---part I
More of a rockabilly vibe is at the heart of this rocker. As you might guess, it features some killer guitar work, but don't ignore the piano. This instrumental is all class.
The Blockbusters Rock And Roll Guitar---part II
This tune reminds me a lot of Chuck Berry. In fact, I'd compare it to "Johnny B. Goode." It has killer guitar that keeps expressing itself through the vocal sections.
Nora Hayes - The Great Pretender
More of an adult contemporary (for the time) song, this still has some rock and roll in it. The vocals are definitely a product of their time.
The Platters - He's Mine
Rock and roll merges with a Motown kind of sound. This s a fun number that works well.
Side Two
Nora Hayes - I Guess I Won't Hang Around Anymore
This is a slow moving torch song of the bluesy, jazz variety.
Eddie Beal Combo - Honey Buggin'
Jazz and rock and roll merge on this tasty instrumental tune.
The Platters - I'm Sorry
There is plenty of jazz on this number. Yet, it's a doo-wop ballad at its core.
Eddie Beal Combo - Breezin'
Up-tempo instrumental jazz is the order of business here. This might be my favorite track of the whole set. It really grooves
The Blockbusters - I Wanna Rock Now
This is a killer old-school rock and roller with an anthemic chorus. This is a lot of fun.
Eddie Beal Combo - Leadfoot
The closer is another instrumental. It seems to be equal parts rock and roll and jazz.
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