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The Reformation

Power Trip

Review by Gary Hill

We've reviewed several releases from The Reformation in the past at MSJ. We land them under progressive rock in part because the act is considered a prog act, and in part because that's where the music fits. I have to say that if this were the first thing I heard from them, I probably wouldn't put it under that heading. The opening track (and the longer version that sits in the closing slot) fits under prog, as does the title instrumental. The other two songs really don't, though. Still, wherever you feel this fits, it's a strong release.

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Track by Track Review
Ghost House Funk
I love the killer keyboard texture that opens this number. The groove here has some funk along with strange prog modes. There are some cool shifts and changes brought in by the layers over the top. I'm reminded a bit of Frank Zappa on this thing. I love the keyboard soloing later in the tune.
Piece of My Heart
Here we get a cover of the classic tune made famous by Janis Joplin. This is pretty faithful to Joplin's version. Of course, that means that this isn't very proggy at all. It's a strong tune, nonetheless. Caroline Schneider does a great job of handling the vocals on the number. Given the original voice on it, that says a lot, really.
We're back into proggier zones as this comes in heavy and rather psychedelic. A Zeppelin-like riff emerges to take command after a time. This is a real powerhouse rocker that feels like it would fit well in the 1970s. It's another that's not decidedly prog, though. There is a weird sort of bridge built into the number.
Power Trip
The title track is a bit proggier, but no less hard rocking. It's a fierce and tastefully off=kilter number that seems to merge an almost thrashy concept with more prog oriented sounds. This shifts and turns through various sections. There are some parts that make me think of Rush a bit. This is a cool instrumental.
Ghost House Funk (Extended Version)
Here we get what it says, a longer version of the opening cut.
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