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True as Steel

Review by Gary Hill

Warlock may be no more (at least in name), but the music they created has really stood the test of time. It's a strong metal that fits well under the power-metal heading. This is old school, real steel. This was the band's third album and came out in 1986. It would also be their penultimate disc. Now, it should be noted that the band didn't exactly cease to exist. Instead there was a legal fight over the name, and ultimately they (lead singer Doro Pesch was the only original member by that time) had to change their name, taking her first name as the band name.

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Track by Track Review
Mr. Gold
What sounds a bit like a train starts this cut. Then a voice shouts "no mercy," and the band launch out into some fierce metal. This is a meaty number that makes for a great opener. It has a driving energy and some killer riffs. The chorus is anthemic. The guitar solo is tasty.
Fight for Rock
A bit less majestic, this loses nothing in terms of catchiness. It still has plenty of meaty heavy metal built into it, but it's not at the same level as the opener was.
Love in the Danger Zone
Another that starts as straight-ahead metal stomper, this one almost seems between the two openers in terms of intensity on this opening movement. It drops to more of a melodic, nearly balladic approach for the verse, but definitely powers up from there. While there are power ballad leanings on that one part, this is far fiercer than any kind of real ballad. It's a power metal tune.
Speed of Sound
The fast paced riff that brings this in is fierce. The number grinds forward as an up-tempo screamer. This is one of the most ferocious pieces here. This gets really intense in the later parts of the cut.
Midnite in China
Another screaming hot power metal stomper, this thing really rocks. It makes me think of what you might get if you merged Scorpions with WASP.
Vorwärts, All Right!
There is a smoking hot riff leading this scorcher out, too. The cut drives out from there with another up-tempo groove.
True as Steel
This is not a big change. Instead, it's a particularly effective metal screamer. It makes a great choice for title track.
Lady in a Rock 'n' Roll Hell
We get another track that fits into the scorching hot metal stomper mode. This isn't a big change by any means, but it is very effective. I can even hear some hints of Van Halen in some of the melodies and guitar parts.
Love Song
While I think this probably qualifies as a power ballad, the emphasis is on the power part of that equation. The cut is still quite meaty and metallic.
Igloo on the Moon (Reckless)
We're back into more full metal mode here. This is another that seems cut from the same clothe as much of the set, but still stands up well.
T.O.L. (instrumental)
This is a short instrumental piece that features metal and even some proggy edges built into it.
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