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Jamaica Johnny and His Milagro Boys

Trinidad The Land Of Calypso

Review by Gary Hill

This calypso collection is a lot of fun. While it does have a tendency to get a little samey, it's entertaining enough for that to never become a problem. The two CDs include a collection of tracks from across Jamaica Johnny's career. The closing few numbers are interesting, and I learned something from them. Apparently in those days beer companies would pay artists to produce records promoting their wares. That way those records could be played in bars, advertising to the consumers right where they were consuming. Amstel Beer had a deal like that with this artist, and those four tunes are the product of those deals.

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Track by Track Review
CD 1
Trinidad, Land Of Calypso

There is a bouncy, party kind of sound to this. The tune is Latin in texture, playful and fun.

Donkey City
This bouncy little tune is even more Latin in style. It's another entertaining one.
Man Smart - Woman Smarter
I love the lyrics to this and the fun nature of the piece.
No Glamour Girl For Me
This is a tasty dance-inspiring piece.
Bouncy and fun, this is one of the standout tracks here in a lot of ways.
Food From The West Indies
More bouncy calypso music is the order of business here. This is entertaining, but not a highlight.
Mother And Wife
A slower groove, this works well. The lyrics are a tribute to mothers everywhere, but at the expense of wives..
Love, Love, Love
More energetic and bouncy, I really like this one a lot. It's so much fun.
Parbo Calypso
The groove on this is infectious. I love the jazzy kind of guitar soloing on the tune. In fact, that solo is purely on fire. This is one of the highlights of the disc for sure.
Tina And Bambula
I really like the guitar work on this bouncy little number, too. It's another particularly fun tune.
Pineapple Princess
While not a big change, this is another good time party number.
Take Me To Locero

There is a fun groove and some cool piano work on this playful song.

Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well
I dig the piano playing on this number. There is some cool jazzy, early rock and roll based guitar soloing on the song, too. This is a real party cut.
Calypso Cha Cha
Bouncy and fun, this is a dance-line kind of number.
CD 2
Pretty Woman

Another bouncy calypso tune, this is a fun one.

Wai Wai Sofaya

I love the tentative arrangement at the start of this where various instruments come and go as accompaniment to the vocals. This is another tune that's a lot of fun.

Raspeballer Boys
I'm not as crazy about this tune as I am some of the rest. Still, it works pretty well.
The Most Rightiest Woman
With some jazz in the treatment, this tune is a step back in the right direction. It is fun.
Beautiful Para Kitch
This has a gentle, fun groove to it. It's a fun number.
Divorce By Television
This bouncy little tune is another playful and entertaining one.
Fifty Woman To One Man
Here we get another bouncy little number. Nothing Earth-shattering, it's effective.
Let Me Call You Mathilda
Another that's a tasty hunk of more of the same, I like this a lot.
With a British character in the tune, this is theatrical and funny number. I really love the guitar work on it.
Last Train To San Fernando
Not a big departure from much of the music here, this is just a party number.
Amstel Beer Calypso
You have to love a song about beer. Well, at least I do. This is essentially a commercial jingle done as a song. Now I want an Amstel beer.
Op Een Klein Stationnetje
Here we get another plug for Amstel Beer, but in German. This is jazzy and entertaining.
Amsterdam Calypso
Here is an alternate version of the same piece. It's fun and has some cool instrumental work.
Beeeeeer! Amstel Beer!
The closer is another beer jingle song.


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