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Various Artists

Austin Boogie Crew Records: 5 Years Of Modern Funk

Review by Gary Hill

You get a pretty good idea of what you get here when you read the title of this album. That said, while this is modern funk, you might not know it by listening to the disc. Most of this has a retro sound. Think of somewhere between Dazz Band, Prince and Herbie Hancock's electronic period. There is a bit of samey quality here, too. I would like to have heard some meatier sounds here and there amidst the largely electronic stuff. All that said, some of these songs work particularly well, and it manages to entertain as a whole.

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Track by Track Review
Diamond Ortiz - Goodies
The funky groove that starts this is so tasty. It's a classy way to start the set.
Solar Shield - Reesis
Instrumental electronic funk is the order of business here. This thing really works so well. It has a bit of a fusion vibe, and feels quite retro.
Solar Shield - Beeturia
Another with a killer funky meets electronic groove. It's also another classy instrumental.
Rojai (ft. Sally Green) - Finest Girl
I'm reminded a little of Prince on this tune. I love the bass work on the number.
Rojai (ft. G. Vargas) - So Special
I really love the groove on this tune. This thing just oozes cool in a retro funk way.
Rojai (ft. Sally Green) - Soul Step
There is a real sensual, sexy vibe to this cut. It makes me think of a combination of more modern electronic music and older classic disco.
Trailer Limon (ft. E. Live) - Love Don't Pay The Bills
This is a catchy groove that doesn't represent a big change.
Trailer Limon (ft. B. Bravo) - Dancing With Somebody
A slower groove, there is a lot of jazz built into this number.
Starship Connection - Do It 4U
More of an electronic dance concept is the driving force here. This has some intriguing textures.
XL Middleton - Enjoyable Sunburn
This electronic instrumental makes me think of Herbie Hancock's electronic phase. It's another classy cut.
XL Middleton - Nervous
There is a particularly infectious groove to this number. It's one of the highlights of the set as far as I'm concerned.
XL Middleton - Digital Devils
This instrumental groove has plenty of dance music magic built into it.
Lowmac - Late Nights
This instrumental, like a lot of the music here, has a real 80s vibe.
Computa Games (ft. K-Maxx) - Do Your Thing
This is one of my favorites here. It has a hip hop meets funk groove to it. It has such a dramatic sound. It purely oozes class.
Computa Games - Feel Right 2Nite
There is a synthetic voice that "sings" the title of the song here and there along this ride. The tune is otherwise an instrumental that is so meaty and tasty. This is another highlight of the set.
B & The Family - A Good Time (BusCrates Remix)
I love the killer retro groove to this number. It's classic and classy.
B & The Family - Just Want To Love Ya
Set in the same musical zone as the previous tune, I love the female vocals on this. I'm even more enamored with the keyboard solo.
Moniquea - Closer
The vocal performance on this has a lot of magic to it. Then again, so does the musical arrangement. This isn't a big change, but rather another tasty slab of electronic styled funk.
Jonny Tobin - Sunrise
This instrumental tune has some interesting twists and turns. It also showcases some meaty modes and moods.
Jonny Tobin - Super Genesis
Another killer electronic groove is at the heart of this number.
Spence - Ear to Ear
Here we get yet another cool bit of instrumental electronic funk.
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